The Dollar Club Update 4…


We are so happy to be HOME! Thursday we drove to Indianapolis. Friday we were supposed to fly to Miami. We arrived at the airport around 4pm with 18 tubs (4 were coolers of frozen food) & 5 carry-ons. Our flight was supposed to board at 8pm. At 6pm they began to delay the flight. […]

Good-Bye Tippy…


After 18 years, today we say good-bye to our faithful friend Tippy…. I would like to thank MAF who went above and beyond to help ease our grief. Last week Tippy managed to get a hole in her leg that went right to the bone. She’s been in pain for quite some time and this was […]



Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday!  When you walked into the reception area – there were 12 tables. Each table was decorated by the “hats” my dad has worn over his life-time. He’s pastored many churches, he’s worked on the railroad, he was a policeman, he was a fireman, he was a postman, he […]

The Dollar Club Update 3…


The mail came Friday on the MAF planes as the PVBC group was leaving. The kids had shed many tears saying good-bye to their friends. It was SO nice to be able to give them their cards – a reminder that God is still watching over them and that they have all kinds of friends […]

Happy Easter 2015!


HAPPY  EASTER! This morning’s sunrise service started at 6am! It was still dark outside…guess that’s why it’s called a SUNRISE service!!  I’m so proud of my kids for waking up at 5am to get ready for church! It was definitely a stretch for me. I’m not really a morning person….considering my nights typically don’t end until […]

The Dollar Club Update 2…


What a great day to be a Castillo Kid!! :D It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to check the mail and we got 68 cards this weekend!! WAHOO!!! I love watching the excitement of the kids when they see that many people were thinking about them. I laid all the cards out […]

Rosie’s Granny


In December while visiting the St. Louis Campus, I noticed a woman & a young boy sitting at a table upstairs where the Americans eat. We were there decorating the campus for the Orphanage Christmas Party. I couldn’t understand who she was or what she wanted. She motioned for me to come over.  I sat […]

Flour, Oil, & Antibiotics


Flour, Oil, & Antibiotics BY CASTILLO ON MARCH 6, 2015 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) While my faith in God is great, at times I feel like the skeptic widow when Elijah told her to make him some pancakes (or something like that) from 1 Kings 17. She had only enough for herself and […]

Dad’s 70th Birthday Celebration…


We are hosting Larry Owen’s 70th Birthday & 50th Year of Ministry Celebration on May 2nd in Lexington, KY! That’s right  -ALL the Owens under one roof! The Owen kids & grandkids are getting together for an afternoon of fun! I remember growing up singing on the back of flatbed wagons in the middle of […]

The Dollar Club Update 1…


We just got our first set of letters in the Mole this week! The kids were SO excited!! They each got two cards & one addressed to all of them! We’re still looking for the perfect place to hang them in the orphanage. They now have $24.00 to help their orphan friends! WAHOO! The mail goes […]


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