Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday!  When you walked into the reception area – there were 12 tables. Each table was decorated by the “hats” my dad has worn over his life-time. He’s pastored many churches, he’s worked on the railroad, he was a policeman, he was a fireman, he was a postman, he […]

The Dollar Club Update 3…


The mail came Friday on the MAF planes as the PVBC group was leaving. The kids had shed many tears saying good-bye to their friends. It was SO nice to be able to give them their cards – a reminder that God is still watching over them and that they have all kinds of friends […]

Happy Easter 2015!


HAPPY  EASTER! This morning’s sunrise service started at 6am! It was still dark outside…guess that’s why it’s called a SUNRISE service!!  I’m so proud of my kids for waking up at 5am to get ready for church! It was definitely a stretch for me. I’m not really a morning person….considering my nights typically don’t end until […]

The Dollar Club Update 2…


What a great day to be a Castillo Kid!! :D It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to check the mail and we got 68 cards this weekend!! WAHOO!!! I love watching the excitement of the kids when they see that many people were thinking about them. I laid all the cards out […]

Rosie’s Granny


In December while visiting the St. Louis Campus, I noticed a woman & a young boy sitting at a table upstairs where the Americans eat. We were there decorating the campus for the Orphanage Christmas Party. I couldn’t understand who she was or what she wanted. She motioned for me to come over.  I sat […]

Flour, Oil, & Antibiotics


Flour, Oil, & Antibiotics BY CASTILLO ON MARCH 6, 2015 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) While my faith in God is great, at times I feel like the skeptic widow when Elijah told her to make him some pancakes (or something like that) from 1 Kings 17. She had only enough for herself and […]

Dad’s 70th Birthday Celebration…


We are hosting Larry Owen’s 70th Birthday & 50th Year of Ministry Celebration on May 2nd in Lexington, KY! That’s right  -ALL the Owens under one roof! The Owen kids & grandkids are getting together for an afternoon of fun! I remember growing up singing on the back of flatbed wagons in the middle of […]

The Dollar Club Update 1…


We just got our first set of letters in the Mole this week! The kids were SO excited!! They each got two cards & one addressed to all of them! We’re still looking for the perfect place to hang them in the orphanage. They now have $24.00 to help their orphan friends! WAHOO! The mail goes […]

Thanks For A Great Month Diane!


Yesterday one of my very best friends headed home after a wonderful month in the Mole! I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone. Seems like she just got here. Diane is like the energizer bunny! I don’t think I know ANYONE who has as much energy and zeal as she does! She brought […]

Join The Dollar Club!


Join the Dollar Club! A few days ago my kids opened up a special card from a very special lady. To their pleasant surprise – each card had a dollar in it. I love that my children are very mission-minded. They know that we are struggling to find sponsors for the orphanage. My BOYS said wouldn’t […]


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