My Kids…Your Cameras


When teams are in Haiti – we ask for their camera cards each night at dinner. Then we upload several pictures while the teams blog about their day. This is one of my favorite things to do because you get to learn all about their day just by seeing all their pics. Not only that […]

Are They Following Our Cues?


When I was little my dad worked as a policeman, fireman, and pastor-man! :D I always thought it was so cool because we knew the latest and greatest that was happening in our town. We didn’t have to follow the fire trucks or police sirens– we already knew where they were going. One of my […]

Mail From Mole…


Today I got to fellowship with one of my best friends Diane (Wedding Lady)! We got to talk about all the weddings that happened in the Mole this past week.  Oh how I wish I were able to be there! Hearing about the ministry that happened last week while her team was there is SO refreshing! […]

From Rags to Worth…


We moved to the Mole in May of 2010. We didn’t come alone though. In fact we brought several Haitian families with us – about 15 people total. These were families that we knew we wanted to do life with – that we wanted to work alongside of – that were coming to the Mole […]

Happy 11th Birthday Mikela!


Mikela was just 10 months-old and 4 pounds when she came into our lives. She was brought through the mission gates by a neighbor. She had been abandoned and left to die. She was too weak to even hold up her head. We planned for her to spend the night in the birthing center with […]

Family Game Night…


Tonight was family night in our house! Jose made pizza and baked a cookie cake! I promised the kids we would play games tonight and of course no one could agree on one – so we played 2. The twins wanted to play the Spiderman Memory Game. Can I just say that I have NO […]

Serving As A Family…


For the past several months I’ve been really concerned about our Children’s Church. I feel like it’s been falling through the cracks and no one was taking ownership of leading our children. My kids would come home and tell me one of the following: 1 – They keep teaching about the same thing 2 – […]

Happy 4th of July!


Tonight we celebrated the 4th of July for the first time in our home! (Well outside the home :) ). Jose did everything he could to make today a memorable day…. and it was!  We decided to have a cookout in our front yard. We normally do bonfires at the beach but today we wanted […]

What Came First – The Chicken Or The Egg?


This past Friday – MAF came to the Mole to pick up a short-term missionary team. We asked them if they wouldn’t mind bringing some cargo on that flight. They happily agreed! :) So now our campus has 20 chickens! We bought the chickens in Port-au-Prince from Haiti Broilers. They are Jamaican chickens raised in […]

Happy 5th Birthday Asher & Levi…


Today my babies are 5 years old! It was during the October 2008 Surgery team that I had found out I was pregnant. It was so unexpected – almost unbelievable. The mission has an ultrasound machine that Dr. Joseph uses for his pregnant patients. So one evening Jose & I went down there (as we […]


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