Thanks For A Great Month Diane!


Yesterday one of my very best friends headed home after a wonderful month in the Mole! I can’t believe how quickly this month has gone. Seems like she just got here. Diane is like the energizer bunny! I don’t think I know ANYONE who has as much energy and zeal as she does! She brought […]

Join The Dollar Club!


Join the Dollar Club! A few days ago my kids opened up a special card from a very special lady. To their pleasant surprise – each card had a dollar in it. I love that my children are very mission-minded. They know that we are struggling to find sponsors for the orphanage. My BOYS said wouldn’t […]

Surely We Can Change….Something


The kids and I have been looking through photos from our past five years…there’s over 50,000 pictures and even when you select sort by date – it doesn’t work!! Makes for an interesting slide show as we flip through them all! As you know when teams come to Haiti we ask for their camera cards […]

Rebuilding A Work Worthy of Our King…


When I was in college, I had a fascination for the social sciences. One of the areas that I truly loved was learning how our dreams reflect how we perceive our current circumstances. I remember in particular the topic of death in dreams. Interestingly enough, when you dream of someone dying or even of yourself […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! This morning I had 6 sweet kids each bring me a cupcake along with a small wrapped gift! They were so precious! Thanks Jose for helping them make this morning so special! Rosie also made me a big heart shaped cookie. Malaya made a special Valentine’s Day Menu! I placed my order for […]

Staff Retreat 2015


This past week we hosted our first Staff Retreat in the Mole! It was a great time of food, fellowship, laughter, fun, & spiritual renewal! From Our Campus: Castillos, Beth, & Morgan From St. Louis Campus: Stephen & Kelly Jernigan, Dustin & Alex Klink, Caitlin Smith, Stephanie Mosier, Taylor Davis, and Junior Veillard From the States: […]

Let Malaya Come Unto Me…


Malaya decided that she wants to follow Jesus & accept Him has her Savior! What a glorious day! My mom and I sat for over an hour today talking with Malaya about what it meant to accept Christ. Though it was cold and rainy here in St. Louis du Nord – my momma baptized Malaya […]

Happy 10th Birthday Malaya!


What a day that was……that beautiful day where I held my little girl for the first time. To realize that God had given me something I had prayed for since I was a little girl – it was more than I could comprehend. After suffering through many miscarriages – we finally delivered this beautiful baby girl. […]

Remembering January 12th, 2010


Every year at this time I read through my blogs and I weep. I don’t ever want to forget the moments that changed everything– that ultimately led our family to plant the Mole Campus 5 months later. I don’t ever want to become desensitized to this day – that not only changed our family….but the […]

Chez Paris….in Haiti!


Well today was the day!! We celebrated Isebelle’s, Rosie’s, & Malaya’s birthday! They wanted a Fancy Paris-Themed Soirée! I have to admit – I really LOVE hosting & decorating for parties! Isebelle had her birthday on the 7th – Rosie’s birthday was the 8th – and Malaya’s birthday is the 20th. Let’s talk about the table….The table had […]


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