I Lift My Hands…


CHRIS TOMLIN I Lift My Hands Lyrics Be still, there is a healer His love is deeper than the sea His mercy, it is unfailing His arms are fortress for the weak Let faith arise Let faith arise I lift my hands to believe again You are my refuge, You are my strength As I […]

Mole Women’s Conference 2013…


This week I would like for you to pray for our upcoming Women’s Conference! My parents and Magdala are headed this way on Thursday. The conference will begin on Friday and ends Sunday night. My mom and I will speak Friday & Saturday Morning, Magdala will lead the ladies on a prayer walks in the […]

Memories On The Move…

photo 4

We have lived in the Mole a little over 3 years now. Yet today it feels like I’m actually a resident….I really am home. We’ve been on the St. Louis Campus the last few days. While I was in meetings all day long – Jose began packing up our remaining items that we had left […]

First Week in Our New School….


It’s our first week back home & now  the kids have officially started school! Praising God EVERY SINGLE DAY for Beth’s dedication and love for my children! Here are a few of her posts from this week: So it’s Sunday… And Tut Tut it looks like rain…oh wait it is raining, so a nap is […]

Happy To Be Home!


We are finally home after what felt like the LONGEST two-month furlough ever.  I have to say that these few months out produced the most drama of any furlough we’ve ever had. Never A Dull Moment….just to name a few Jose was having heart issues and while we were in Kansas for the Leadership Summit […]

Lord I Need You….


Every day Rosie asks to watch this video……now I can’t go a day without watching it and thinking of those precious little girls who NEED HIM EVER SO MUCH – JUST LIKE ME!! Pray daily for those who don’t know His name – who don’t know HOW MUCH they truly need Him! For those that […]



“Forgiveness” It’s the hardest thing to give away And the last thing on your mind today It always goes to those that don’t deserve It’s the opposite of how you feel When the pain they caused is just too real It takes everything you have just to say the word… Forgiveness Forgiveness It flies in […]

Let Mikela, Rosie, and Malaya Come To Me…


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 I love the way it’s written in Matthew…..but I also LOVE the way Malaya says it. This was when she was just 3 years old….. The girls and I […]

Strangely Dim


I’ve got all these plans piled up sky high A thousand dreams on hold And I don’t know why, I got a front row seat To the longest wait And I just can’t see Past the things I pray Today But when I fix my eyes on all that You are Then every doubt I […]

Pushing Back The Dark


One million reasons why, you shouldn’t even try. After all you’re just one heart, a single candle in the dark. And there are shadows here, feeding on your fears, That you don’t have what it takes – who are you to make a change? But oh, oh, don’t underestimate the God you follow. Whatever you […]


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