The Lord Is My Strength…


I have spent the last few weeks listening to podcasts, working through several different Bible Studies, finding time alone to worship, & really trying to throw myself into the Word. It’s easy to talk to God but it’s not always easy to hear His response. You see satan yells lies because he has too. He’s […]

Deep Thoughts with Gabriel….

photo 1

Gabriel loves to draw! Sometimes he doesn’t have the words to get out his thoughts – but he’s a deep thinker just the same.  He expresses himself through his drawings and it gives us a glimpse of what’s happening in his little world. Today he brought me his latest creation and I’m still processing what […]

Meet Ella…


This summer is full of birthdays in the Castillo home! It’s hard to believe in just a few more weeks (June 25th) Asher & Levi will be 5 years old! On July 11th Mikela will be 11 years old and on July 21st Gabriel will be 7 years old! That’s 4 birthdays (half of our […]

Summer-Time Rewind…


Summer. A time where friends and family come together for picnics and reunions. A time when the sun bears with us just a few more hours so we can get home from work, wrestle with the kids, & put the hamburgers on the grill before the night begins to fall. A time where we sit […]

Sometimes We Just Need A Gentle Reminder…


“My Life Is In Your Hands” You don’t have to worry And don’t you be afraid Joy comes in the morning Troubles they don’t last always For there’s a friend in Jesus Who will wipe your tears away And if your heart is broken Just lift your hands and say Oh I know that I […]

He Knows My Name…


I have a Maker He Formed My Heart Before even time began My life was in his hands He knows my name He knows my every thought He sees each tear that falls And hears me when I call I have a father He calls me his own He’ll never leave me No matter where […]

Surprise Kids – Guess Who Came To Visit!?!


Early Thursday morning – around 1am – our beautiful friends Marla & Ryan Crisman surprised our kids by driving 10 hours from Missouri to Kentucky! We kept all the kids downstairs for a slumber party so we could sneak them in the door! Of course my girls were still awake and it was hard not […]

Easter Weekend 2014…


This past weekend we went to my sister’s house! The kids truly enjoyed spending time with their Auntie Lolo & Uncle Scott. My parents joined us as well! My sister is so creative and has so many wonderful ideas to teach the children about Jesus! Our Festive Weekend Activities…. On Good Friday… With donuts, icing, and […]

Hour by Hour…


On Tuesday our family drove 14 hours from Florida to Kentucky. As you can imagine – traveling with 7 kids in a van for an entire day can be very tiring. Between all the bathroom breaks, filling up for gas, & stopping to eat – it was the day that would never end. The twins […]

Thank You For Showing Us The Love…


When teams are in the Mole, I ask for their camera cards at night so I can upload pictures to our ministry blog. I actually love doing this because I get to see how their day went – what types of things they were doing – how they ministered to our community that day…..and  it […]


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