So Thankful Replay… Day 8


Last year the Mole used Natcom for our internet needs. The internet was high speed  –  you could upload & download files fairly quickly. Since our campus was really the only people using Natcom the company left the Mole. Now we literally live on the “edge”! What used to be a joy of snapping a […]

So Thankful Replay… Day 7


Today as I was reading back through this blog – tears began to stream down my face. I had no idea the day God brought Beth into our lives – that she would be so much more than just a teacher for my children. As I have dealt with health issues over the last few years […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 6


When you live in Haiti there’s a balance you have to maintain. You see so much heartache, death, & disease – it’s easy to become a blob of tears. But if all you do is cry every day – then there’s little time for Kingdom advancement. But at the same time you have to be […]

So Thankful Replay….Day 5


Today I am thankful for God’s grace. For the unmerited, undeserving, uninhibited grace He lavishes upon me. I’m not going to sugar coat it …. this year there were moments where I was completely frustrated with the Lord. There were days  – sometimes weeks – where we weren’t on “speaking terms”.  There were days where my […]

So Thankful Replay….Day 4


So today I’m thankful for water. As I read back through this blog all of a sudden the water I was thankful for took a different turn. Over the last few years I’ve been thinking a lot about my salvation and about the ones that I love. Quite frankly – I’ve been thinking about the […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 3


Today I am SO incredibly thankful for my parents! As my parents get older – I find it more and more important to spend quality time with them when I can. My dad’s Parkinson’s is getting worse. He has good days and bad days…..but as time passes I realize more and more I simply have […]

So Thankful Replay…Day 2


Today I am thankful for the wonderful man God has placed in my life! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 19 years since we met.  Jose was definitely a gift from God that to this day I still don’t deserve. Everyone who knows him – knows that He is an amazing father, brother, son, husband, provider, […]

So Thankful Replay….Day 1


In November of 2011, I posted a Thankful Blog for each day of the month. I’ve decided I would like to do something similar this month. I want to recall the blogs I posted and expand on my thankfulness. My first blog is below. On this day I was thankful for unanswered prayers.  Though I couldn’t […]

Happy Halloween!


Since Jose, Asher, and I are heading to the states this weekend to repack crates & barrels – we are celebrating Halloween this week.

Victory in Jesus!


I wanted to share this blog post here too in case some of you aren’t subscribed to the Mole Ministry Blog! Victory In Jesus…. God Is SO Good! BY CASTILLO ON OCTOBER 22, 2015 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) “When God is about to do something great, He starts with a difficulty. When He is about to do something truly […]


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