Happy Thanksgiving!


We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  What a blessing it is to share Thanksgiving with the ones you love! This year was bitter-sweet for our family. How blessed we were that our family could be together!  I know all over the world there were families separated by states and even countries- by those serving […]

Blessed and Stressed….The Life Of A Missionary


In less than a week, I will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in my home in Haiti. It’s true that I will miss my Mom’s homemade lemon pie and my sister’s apple tarts. Even now my eyes well up knowing, I won’t be able to hear my Daddy pray the blessing. But deep inside […]

Who There Called My Name?


Mikela and I have been spending a lot of time together these past few weeks. I’m constantly amazed by her creative thinking and the way she expresses and processes her feelings. We were listening to the radio and a song came on called Cool Kids. Mikela began to explain that she was happy she didn’t […]

Tree Trimming Fun…


Wednesday my parents came to the Mole to help us kick off our annual Women of Worth Conference. My mom led the first session and my dad kicked off the revival. Here’s a link to the Mole Ministry Blog with pictures that have my mom teaching & even a quick video of my dad preaching… http://molehaiti.org/2014/11/06/women-of-worth-wow-conference-day-1/ […]

Lights Done Bright…


This is going to be a fun week! My parents are coming Wednesday to spend 5 days with us.  Thursday begins our annual women’s conference. My mom will kick off the daytime session and my dad will kick off the Thursday night revival. This weekend we will also be trimming the tree, baking sugar cookies, […]

Halloween Party…


Children’s Church Halloween Party… http://molehaiti.org/2014/10/31/childrens-church-halloween-party/ BY CASTILLO ON OCTOBER 31, 2014 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) For the past three months our children’s church attendees have been earning points for: attendance, memorization, & answering questions. Those with the most points were rewarded with a Halloween party! Tonight we wanted to celebrate their accomplishments! They’ve been […]

Trick or Treat…..Haiti-Style!


Tomorrow night we are throwing a Halloween Party for children’s church. For the last three months the kids have been getting points for attending church, answering questions, & learning their memory verse! Those with the most points were rewarded with a Halloween party! We spent four hours today decorating the cafeteria for the party. It’s […]

Children’s Church – Walking On Water…


Friday night my kids were helping me prepare for today’s church service. I can’t say enough how much I love it when our whole family works together! I even saw them practicing the memory verse from last week too. I’m just so proud of the way they are so willing to engage in what we […]

Children’s Church – Lion’s Den


It was another great Sunday morning! Though church isn’t supposed to start until 9:30am – the children were there at 9am – ready to learn! LOVE THAT! The first thing we did was take attendance & go over last week’s & this week’s memory verses! It still amazes me when I see 4 year olds […]

Children’s Church – Kicking It Old School…


September is my month to lead Children’s Church! Each month the stories match a Fruit of the Spirit. I’m teaching on PEACE! So my lessons are Shadrach/Meshach/Abednego, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Peter walking on water, and the Holy Spirit. While I was in the States healing from back surgery – I decided to work on […]


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