Jesus and Popsicles…


My sister kept Asher and Levi this summer. Just like any good parent with crazy boys at home – you look for as many Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) as you can just to have a couple of hours of quiet! Levi really loves VBS! He couldn’t wait to put his shoes on and go to […]

We are HOME!

bathroom 1

I can hardly believe it….I’m home! I mean I’m really home! I’m sitting in my bed, in my bedroom, in my home, in the village God called me to serve. It doesn’t get much better than that! This past week the interns, Miss Beth, the group kitchen, & my family moved to the property! Many […]

Happy 4th Birthday Asher & Levi!


OH MY!!! It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already! My little babies aren’t babies anymore! Asher’s seizure disorder keeps him in the states during the summer which is also when his birthday is! So this is another year we weren’t able to celebrate with the whole family. My sister makes every day a […]

Walks to Remember…


A few nights ago the girls and I were walking back from our bonfire on the beach. As the sun was setting, the street lamps began to flicker on.  As I passed by the town square my mind drifted back to my childhood. In the evenings when we lived in Calhoun, KY – my dad […]

Part 2 & 3 – School-Centered…


This week we began putting up the walls for the school room & for the school teacher – Miss Beth! We are hoping to get most of it constructed this week so that Jim & Walter can wire it before they leave. They are also helping with some of the plumbing for the entire complex. […]

Confirming the Call…


Our Electricians – Jim & Walter – arrived last night! They haven’t wasted any time getting to work on the house. I told our construction crew to stop working on our home now and to move on to the school & Miss Beth’s apartment so that Jim & Walter can wire all of it too. […]

Walk to the Market…


This is a blog from my momma about our Women of Worth Retreat – Please join our family for an incredible experience serving Him while loving on our beautiful Haitian sisters! Walk To the Market…  MAY 30, 2013 BY CASTILLO I love the many facets of being a missionary but I have to say my favorite is […]

Deck the Halls…


Deck the Halls with wooden walls! FA! LA! LA! LA! LA! –  LA!  LA! LA! LA! After being gone a week – we just spent the afternoon on the construction site with the boys! I was SO SURPRISED to see how far along they were! They’ll start putting on the roof tomorrow! There’s still a […]

Construction Update…


One side of the house has ALL the walls up! WAHOO!! The girls cannot wait to move….they want the house to be done already. They keep talking about how cool it is that they are so close to the orphanage! The kids already feel at home there. The employee homes are just a stone-throw away! […]

Climbing The Walls…


What an amazing Mother’s Day! After spending a blessed morning at church – I spent the afternoon with all my little ones! They each came up with their own way of gift giving! The boys are always hilarious and creative in their gifts! All three of them had a promise of no bed-wetting or dirty […]


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