The power we speak goes beyond the ability to plug into a socket… the power we speak goes beyond being able to screw in a light bulb… the power we speak is not just electric—it’s glory! It’s intense! My God is stronger than my bad news! After two weeks of juggling extension cords and spending […]

God Is Stronger Than My Bad News…


While I taught that lesson, I had no idea that I would still have so much to learn. On Monday, I taught our Women’s Bible Study about how God is STRONGER than our bad news. Since bad news is traded on the streets in Haiti like my kids trade colds, I knew this was a […]

Walking On Higher Ground…


My parents surprised us and brought a construction team to the Mole.  They worked 4 long hot days! I LOVE that my kids got to watch papaw in action!  There’s not a better builder than my dad and my boys got to see it first-hand for the first time! They poured a little concrete pad […]



Verse #1 You call me out upon the waters The great unknown, where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep, my faith will stand Chorus: And I will call upon Your name And keep my eyes above the waves When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your […]



After a great week of ministry with the team, I realized I needed to pull myself aside today and spend some time alone with God. I’m not much of a beach person – I don’t really like sand and I haven’t swam in the ocean since I was stung by a jellyfish as a teenager. […]

New Year…New Beginnings…


2014 HAS BEEN A GREAT YEAR!!! (yeah I know we’re only 12 days into it). I have to say it quickly before something bad happens!! I think those were my famous last words until about the 18th of January last year….. when our staff had an incident trying to buy supplies for the team. It […]

Mamita Is In The Mole…


Jose’s mom flew into Port-au-Prince yesterday afternoon and will spend the next two weeks with us. Jose took the 10 hour bus ride Christmas night to pick her up! She arrived in the Mole around 9am this morning. Mamita hasn’t been to Haiti since Gabriel was a baby. In fact her last trip here was […]

A Castillo Christmas…


It was our first Christmas in Mole St Nicolas….. The kids spent the afternoon making cookies for Santa! We also made a cake and celebrated Taylen’s birthday. After we were finished baking it was time to get dressed for the Christmas service. I have already shared on the Mole Blog about our Christmas Eve Service. I […]

A Mole Family Christmas…


Today the kids got to open the presents they got each other. I love the way they thanked everyone after opening their gifts – –  and for the thoughtfulness they had in picking out their gifts for each other. Isebelle loved all her baby dolls. She would stand-up and clap after EACH and EVERY gift! […]

Tears In Heaven…


This morning Heaven received a very special angel – Henrietta Williams – my mamaw. My dad was drafted into the Vietnam War while he was in Bible College. When he came home after the war he had no one. He was lost and alone. That was until my mamaw told him he could stay with […]


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