It’s Christmas Break..


Today the kids started their Christmas Break! I remember when I was in school how much fun it was to be on break….that meant Santa would be coming soon! That sentiment is not lost on our kids. Levi & Asher have asked me every day if they can put the reindeer food out so Santa […]

Happy 14th Birthday Gigi!


Gigi was 2 years old when she came into our lives. We were living in St. Louis and I was running a pediatric clinic. I was also responsible for our special needs program which was called Heaven’s Waiting Room. We called it that because by the time the children reached us – they were so near death […]

Food, Folks, & Fun…


I just LOVE this time of year! Though I don’t care for the rain – as it interferes with some of our ministry activities– it’s been nice and cool outside. We’ve actually been wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. The kids are still in school this week but in the afternoons we’ve been making crafts […]

Children’s Church – Joseph & the Angel…

Momma Gigi going over Memory Verse

This morning it was raining so our attendance was down. This didn’t stop those that did come from having a blast! One little girl told me that Sundays were her favorite day of the week because she gets to come to our church! How cool is that? Momma Gigi went over the memory verse with […]

There’s A Little Bit of Heaven Everywhere…


God has been teaching me over the last several months –  that if you look for it.…there’s a little bit of Heaven everywhere! When women from our brand new Discipleship Group start coming to church – telling us that it’s only right they give it a “real try”  – or tell us if we cared […]

Happy Birthday Jose!


I met Jose in 1997 – my freshman year of college. I was living with my sister while she was the Children’s Minister at Southeast Christian Church. I helped her on the weekends while attending nursing school at University of Louisville. I only went there for one year and then transferred to UK where I […]

Just Ask Me…I Mean Him.


For the past two months our Women’s Bible Study Group has been digging into the book of Jeremiah. I remember sitting on the floor in Lifeway Bookstore with 10 different Bible Studies surrounding me – praying for God to lead me in choosing the one that our women needed the most at this moment in […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  What a blessing it is to share Thanksgiving with the ones you love! This year was bitter-sweet for our family. How blessed we were that our family could be together!  I know all over the world there were families separated by states and even countries- by those serving […]

Blessed and Stressed….The Life Of A Missionary


In less than a week, I will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in my home in Haiti. It’s true that I will miss my Mom’s homemade lemon pie and my sister’s apple tarts. Even now my eyes well up knowing, I won’t be able to hear my Daddy pray the blessing. But deep inside […]

Who There Called My Name?


Mikela and I have been spending a lot of time together these past few weeks. I’m constantly amazed by her creative thinking and the way she expresses and processes her feelings. We were listening to the radio and a song came on called Cool Kids. Mikela began to explain that she was happy she didn’t […]


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