The Burden

It’s been an emotional few days…I find myelf mentally exhausted – but more burdened than anything. I can’t seem to stop the tears from falling. We had this beautiful prayer circle at the compound and there was almost an immediate peace that took place. While that burden was lifted it is not completely gone.


I talked to my Haitian friends today about the burden to fast. It was kind of funny but not so really because he said we do it every day. They fast because they have to. I have felt this burden for the people – this overwhelming burden that has almost taken over me. They continue to come to work…they continue to Praise God  – they’re so REAL….I mean they’re so REAL and yet I find myself frustrated that I might not be able to have power tonight and I think how selfish am I? And yet I know even if I fast I will have food tomorrow and they have only the hope to make it each day and I can’t seem to just let it go that this isn’t just somewhere in Africa – some place where the pictures of people are strangers…but this is my home….my neighborhood… family. 


While I’m not someone to step out there the Holy Spirit will not let go of me. Several people are fasting tomorrow – TUESDAY. I know the power of Prayer – I know it personally and I’ve seen it change Haiti….I’ve seen it change ME.


Please join us as we fast for Haiti. That can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people……maybe you fast for a meal….for two meals….for all day…..maybe it’s just shutting the TV off and fasting from that and spending that time in prayer. I don’t know what it means….but join us tomorrow as we just give it all to HIM. If you get this email and it’s the middle of tomorrow – start then. 


Janeil says Haiti can only change when the Christians unite. Maybe this is how we start……..

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