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Happy Birthday to Rosie….

Okay – so Rosie’s birthday is really in January!! What can I say?? It’s been a busy year. Today we had a TEA PARTY with Rosie’s sisters and 5 of her school friends. Now I had told the teacher at her school that this was a party for little girls. I had a table all set up with 8 –  little tea cups and saucers, little lacy gloves, little lacy hand fans,  sets of pearls, white roses, and little rings.

 So imagine my surprise when a little BOY showed up at the party. The first thing we did was put on make-up. Well – I felt like maybe he shouldn’t wear any….but he did want the nail polish?? Funny kid.

They all put on their pearls and gloves and we practiced how to have tea like proper little ladies. They would waive their little fans, sip their tea, and smell their rose! It was SO CUTE!! Then we bounced on the moon bounce, watched videos, painted little tea cups, ate, hit the pinata, and opened gifts! It was a great little party! Here are some pictures:





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