It’s All Good…..

So today Dr. Joseph called me and said that he found TWO papers that said the building we were worried about was ours. He doesn’t want me to tell the Haitians so he can surprise the govt. with the papers at our meeting next week. Your prayers are working….keep them coming!

The kitchen is finished! We even painted the granmoun home. We walked all over campus fixing all the little projects that needed to be done – and it’s all finished.

There is a fresh feel to the upstairs – everything is newly painted, organized, and really clean!  I can’t take the credit for all of that. Matt has really been doing an amazing job. I actually had one of the Haitians tell me they’ve never seen an American work so hard and I needed to give Matt a raise. He wasn’t joking either – he was really serious. 

The groups will be arriving on Monday and I think we’re ready for them. I wasn’t sure a week ago when things were still really crazy with the construction. But it’s exciting to see everything fall into place.

Janeil and Heather will be here on Sunday and our kids cannot wait to see NeNe and Josiah. They’ve been counting down the days. Today we had some of our good friends arrive from the states. What wonderful fellowship we were able to have this afternoon!

Janeil got a bass guitar and he’s been practicing so we can play together this summer. We used to be in a band several years ago with my sister, Lori.  Just thinking about playing together brings back so many good memories. 

So for today……….It’s All Good!


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    I’ve been praying praying praying.
    Sam said the Dr causing all the trouble was kind of backing down a little anyway.
    I love your website & keeping us informed about what’s going on.
    Take good care of our granddaughter, Kayla Conrad. She’s a cutie.
    We decorated her graduation cake together & no sore muscles this time so I’ll should be in good shape if you want a cake decorated again next January.
    We love you guys.


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