Govt. Building Update

The emails of prayers that poured in today were beautiful. Thank you all so much. I’ve been a little overwhelmed as the group is here  – their first full day or work – and i had another group I had to book tickets for today.  Then I was a little anxious about this meeting today. I can’t explain to you everything that happened…..for some of it – you just had to be there for it. Sam Guilliams (director), Janeil (executive director), Jose (director), Wisley, Dr. Joseph, Dr.Frank, the mayor and myself all met in my office at 4:00. It was 7:00 when we ended in prayer and headed up to devotions.

The meeting certainly started off a little rocky – they did most of the talking and certainly tried to put pressure on us. Janeil did such an excellent job – he was patient in listening but also didn’t let them walk all over us either. It’s like at one point we were all frustrated and upset – Dr. Joseph was out of his seat and really did a nice job speaking on behalf of the mission…..and then the next minute we’re pulling out a paper that says that building is ours and things changed.  They just knew we didn’t have a paper. None of them had a copy of that paper and as far as they were concerned it didn’t exist – – maybe they got rid of it in the system themselves and didn’t think we had it…BUT GOD HELPED US FIND IT!

They immediately changed their tune – totally tried to act like they wanted us to unite all along and that they never had any intention of taking that building but simply wanted us to join hands. It was almost humorous – – if it hadn’t been three hours already! I’m too tired to write much more but since so many people had emailed I felt like I owed it to all those prayer warriors to update you in some sort.

There is no definitive plan – we’ll probably have a few more “friendly” meetings – but what I am confident about in the end –  is the building is ours….or should I say HIS. 

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