Mission Stories


The tears just stream down my face as I hear the screams of a mother who just lost her little son – less than 2 years old. He came in – he was burnt all over his body. We tried everything – but his sugar shot-up and he went into convulsions. This little baby just died and the screams of his mom grow louder even though an hour has past. I’m sitting here in the office trying to do my work and my eyes cannot even focus. All I know to do is to ask for prayers. Please pray for a mother who no longer can hold her little child….for a mother who can no longer look into his little eyes and tell him she loves him…..for a mother who doesn’t know her son is in a better place………just pray.

Categories: Mission Stories

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  1. I’m praying! I am praying for that mother with everything I got! I have met you on two different trips and many emails and through that I have seen how strong you are and with that I am also praying! Thank you for being there being strong!

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