Today I was in my office and I heard some commotion outside. There was a small little 4 year old boy with short red hair and a large belly from malnutrition. He had skinny little arms and legs and was completely covered in dust and dirt. The mayor was here along with a few of the police. I wasn’t sure what was going on. They told me that this “boy’s” mother was crazy and they caught her slamming this child against a cement wall. She was hitting him and biting him. They put the mom in jail and their heart went out to him. They’ve never asked for our help with taking in children – as they know that we’re overwhelmed with the needs as it is. The mayor told me for some reason he had a heart for this little boy and asked what could we do.

Without really thinking I said – YES – we’ll take him. How could I not take him? Everyone was surrounding this little boy  – even Magdala and some of the mission workers were saying – GIVE HIM TO ME – I’LL TAKE HIM HOME. Of course – Jose looked at me and said – you mean “we’ll take him” as in the MISSION WILL TAKE HIM — not us personally. I just kind of looked at him and then said yeah…..right…….the orphanage. 

All of a sudden a boy who has nothing was now given a chance. I watched as Magdala began to brush his short red hair, and take off his torn clothes to give him a bath. Then I realized the same thing she did – – this is actually a little girl. Her name is Ivana. She hadn’t spoken the whole time we were with her. 

As I watched Magdala put shoes on sweet little feet – little feet who’ve never seen shoes before and a brand new dress – I saw a smile come across her face. She looked up and smiled. Very timidly she said – MESI. It was the cutest and quietest little word spoken.

My mind just drifts back to a few days ago….. just as overwhelmed as I was for the little children who are now with their Father in Heaven…..I have those same tears stream down my cheeks….only this time it’s overwhelmed with joy.

We might not be able to throw every starfish back into the ocean or help every child in Haiti…….but today  – beyond a shadow of a doubt – we made a difference in the life of one. 

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  1. Jody,
    You have such a great heart! And besides that I love reading your blog so I can see whats going on and see what you and your children are up to. I so miss being in Haiti and being a part of something great! Give all of your kids kisses for me.
    Love ya,

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