The Power of power……

The generator in Haiti is up and down and up and down –  only now it’s more down than up! We use it to pump water for all the mission programs, for all the microscopes in the pharmacy and lab, for keeping the food in the fridges from spoiling, for lights in the evenings, for fans in the homes, for internet use, to charge phones for everyone in our area……the list goes on and on. 

The last group of the summer is headed out tomorrow. If you’ve noticed that there aren’t any  pictures on the website for the group – or none of your emails are being answered from those in Haiti – it’s because there is only power a few hours a day. They start the generator and it runs a few hours and then it quits! It’s so hot – everyone is sleeping outside. 

Curtis Rogers had to come out on a little unexpected trip for the mission. We had him bring back a fuel pump which we thought would fix the problem. So far it hasn’t worked. Janeil has been out searching for another part we believe might help. 

Please pray for power! It’s amazing how much we take it for granted. The fact that we can turn on a light whenever we need it – the fact that our water runs without it – the fact that we sleep in comfort at night. Poor Heather – nearly 8 months pregnant with her two kids. I feel so bad for her. We left little Gigi in Haiti because her passport isn’t finished. We are pushing the people in Port-au-Prince to get her passport done. If the power isn’t fixed soon – Jose will fly back in and bring Gigi out so she doesn’t have to suffer the heat. But that doesn’t really do much for all the others who suffer. We supply water for the entire mountainside.  


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  1. Jody-

    This past week I spent 27 hours without power while housesitting. While it was inconvenient to be without power I still had running water and the temperature outside was uncharacteristically cool (81)so I didn’t even open the windows and the house stayed under 80 the entire time. Each time I felt irritated about not having lights or the internet or TV, I did think about Haiti and how I still had SO much MORE than those people ever have or will have. It really helped me to be patient and thankful for all I have. My heart goes out to all the missionaries (and poor Heather!) and visitors. Thank you again for lessons learned in Haiti! April

  2. Hi Jody! I was there! And, yes, it was challenging. But, you are right that we take so much for granted. I have been so thankful now that I am home to have lights and running water! I was so thankful just to have ice on the plane back!! I will continue to pray for the challenges in Haiti! Your Mission is doing such good works that you face constant opposition from Satan, but we know God will prevail!

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