I am beginning to feel much better now – although I do have my bad days here and there. Now if I can only get my days and nights back in the right order. I’ve created the habit of staying up until 3 and 4 each morning – afraid to sleep so I don’t wake up in pain. So now I’m wide awake late at night and dead asleep at noon! But overall – I’m doing well. 

I have received a few emails asking whether or not I was able to get aid for my ER bills. We got a letter from St. Joseph Hospital who told us they waived their fees! They said that doesn’t include the Radiologist, ER Doctors, or any other specialists. We thought that was still really great! I mean how much could the ER doctor be anyways? Right? How about 748.00 for the ER doctor who told me I would need brain surgery? WHAT? That’s what I said! We called their collecting agency and asked if there was anything they could do. They told us to send the letter where the hospital waived their fees and to write a letter. So we did both and mailed it out yesterday. We haven’t received our other bills yet – I can only imagine what the radiologist will charge if the ER doctor is that expensive! That’s crazy!

The power situation isn’t any better yet in Haiti. We have a small generator we’re using to pump water. But outside of that there is still no power for anything else. The small generator doesn’t pump enough water for us to share with the town – so that’s still very sad. We’re still looking for parts for the large generator we normally use.  We talked to Courtney in Haiti today and found out one of our little baby orphanage babies died today. Please be in prayer as the staff there grieves for little Jude. 


This was our little down syndrome baby – one of our sets of twins.

This is Courtney (intern) with him. 

Janeil and Heather are now back in the states! For the few hours Janeil was here – I bet his phone rang 15 times! It’s amazing – he gets calls from 5am to 11pm. I told him he needs to make a Top 10 list like I did!! They drove from Miami and arrived here last night – only to get in the truck this morning and head to Kansas City! So pray for them and their kids as they are constantly on the road. No time for them to rest and they looked so worn out last night.  When I think my life is crazy – I look at what all they have to do – wow – their plates are fuller than ours! 

Well – I’m going to drug up so I can sleep when it’s dark out instead of the day time! I’m hoping to get myself back on a normal schedule! Thanks for your prayers, comments, and emails! We truly feel loved.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been following your blog ever since my husband Tim ALMOST came to NW Haiti Mission back in April. He was part of the trip that was cancelled due to the riots, price of diesel (generator), etc.

    We’re from Texas. I’m wondering if you could email me with a phone number so we could talk?

    Reason: From 1999-2004 I suffered severe, debilitating migraines. (Complete with all those catscans, mri’s, spinal taps, ER trips galore, hospital stays, etc.) They started when I was 4 months pregnant with our fourth child. AT the time, I had a 4 yr old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. The 2 year old was more than a handful – he was mildly autistic and totally wearing me out. Anyway, your story is bringing back major memories for me (not good ones), but my heart is therefore filled with COMPASSION for what you’re going through. My story is rather long, and I’d rather talk personally than thru email. If you send me your number, or call me, then maybe we can connect!

    (That is, if you’re still in the states?)

    My number is 830-329-5180. I mainly wanted to talk with you and tell you the few things that actually seemed to help me. BTW, I am now so strong and healthy and hardly ever have migraines anymore. Also, when I do have them, they are so much milder – I don’t even have to take the major painkillers anymore! Yahoo!

  2. Hey Jody, I used to work for a radiology billing office in Lexington (Central KY Radiology) and they will waive the fees if you give them a letter like you did with the ER doctor. They do the biling for St. Joe, so if that’s where you went then you probably won’t have to worry about it. Also, that’s so sad to hear about Jude- I’ll be keeping all the staff in my prayers.

  3. Hi Jody
    Remember me? I painted the murals on the pediatrics building. It seems to me that Kentucky offers an insurance policy for high risk individuals that can’t get insurance anywhere else. It’s called Kentucky Access (high risk pool) Look at this website-gives a little info or google Kentucky Access. nothttp://www.statehealthfacts.org/profileind.jsp?cat=7&sub=89&rgn=19
    Hope this helps. I hope the paint is still sticking :-). I think about all of you often. The last time I saw you I was working in a nursing home management company. After spending a little lime at Heaven’s Waiting Room, I finally decided in 2004 to quit my job and go back to school at age 54. Well, I graduated from U of L grad school this summer with a teaching degree in moderate to severe disabilities and teach a class in our local elementary school which includes children with mental and physical disabilities. Thought you would like to know that you guys really changed my life. Good luck with the insurance. God Bless.
    Diana Shepherd

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