Take Me Out To The Ball Game……

Gabriel’s First Birthday – BASEBALL THEME

Now I don’t think I went overboard – just a few decorations……

We invited 8 of the little babies from the baby orphanage to come to Gabriel’s Party – They were so cute!

Time To Eat:




So Gabriel got really sleepy and he had to go take his nap before he opened up any presents or hit the pinata!

So several hours later he came back and finished his party:

There were many things going on today  – many things going on for the last several days – but it was nice. It was just good to have something to break up the craziness of Haiti and to have something fun that doesn’t require a lot of thought! 🙂

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  1. LOVE THE PICTURES! Looks like you had a really great party. I’m so glad you got to do something fun. I know the last few weeks have been hard. Our family really enjoys your writings and I just want to encourage you and tell you that you’re absolutely amazing! I know God has big plans for your family.

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