Mission Stories

And The “Grays” Have It…..

So several weeks ago I had asked for people to vote on what shirt they would want for next year. Several people emailed and others posted online. The overwhelming majority wanted Gray! We’ve never done gray before so we agreed to do it for next year.

Janeil and I have been to the screen printing place at least 3 or 4 times. We wanted to update the logo for our 30th year celebration. We tried the logo that Andy Olsen created for the newsletters but it doesn’t translate well to a shirt. Then we tried to play with some of the colors. Our last attempt was to color in the circle and make the island gray so that it would “pop” out some. On the computer screen it looked really good! Now that we’ve already made 300 of them – we see that perhaps it would have been better to make the island white and the water gray. The white is making the water stick out instead of the island! Oops!

So this is our 2009 Haiti shirts! Since this is nearly the 2nd year we’ve done “safe” colors – be ready for 2010 when we go neon! 🙂

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  1. Looks like I need to start looking for a red skirt now! I am excited (-: Thumbs up on the new look!

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