In Kentucky….

I’m in Kentucky. Janeil and Ne Ne came to get me in Louisville. I got to spend some time with little Ruby. WOW – how gorgeous is she! She has the perfect little face and head and little body! You just want to cuddle with her all day. She might actually be worth the headache  – because I had to fly out but I got to see her!

I had dinner with Angel – which is always a treat! My sister surprised me and drove down to spend the night with me. I am very blessed. Tomorrow I will go to Central Baptist Hospital and get my records from Gabriel’s birth with the bad epidural. I will then take that and drop it off at the neurologist’s office. Right now I don’t have an appointment before Monday of next week – so I’m pushing to be seen earlier. So pray I’m able to get an earlier appointment. 

Thanks for the prayers – I made all my flights and there is peace in knowing that I might be close to finding answers!

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  1. Hey Jody, glad to hear you made it in safely and got to see Ruby!! She is beautiful!! Let me know if you need anything. I dont work on Mondays if you need anything on those days. Talk to you later

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