I’ve Been Cleansed……

So yesterday I met with the QUEEN OF OILS. I spent about 3 hours with her and Angel and Angel’s mother. Now – I explained to Janeil what this lady did for me to “cleanse my auroras” and he laughed at me and told me there is no way I can blog about it without people calling me and her crazy. He is correct so I won’t even try – you wouldn’t understand. 

What I will say about this lady is that she is a CHRISTIAN LADY. She has a lot of knowledge and knew many things about me and my health without having ever met me. She did several little tests on me (which if I explained them you would laugh). After I was “cleansed”  – she rubbed/massaged my forehead and the back of my head with all these different oils – probably 20 of them or so. 

Now – Janeil being the skeptic he is – tells me that it’s my subconscious making me feel better – I don’t care what it is but today is the FIRST day in about 2 weeks where I haven’t woken up crying because my head hurt!!! AND last night was the first night I actually SLEPT through the entire night  – I slept solid! 

So she told me now that she has “cleansed” me – my body will accept the oils and medications that I need to take. NOW  – QUIT CALLING ME CRAZY! I know it all sounds like voodoo or something – but it’s not! 

I did see the doctor today – my diverticulitis has been acting up. It looks like I’m going to have to get a blood transfusion on Friday if my blood count drops any lower. She also did a spinal tap and checked my spinal column fluid just to make sure everything is okay (thinking back to the bad epidural). 

Now I’m not sure if it’s the POSITIVE OIL that the lady rubbed on the back of my knee – but I’ve actually felt more positive and alive and normal – than I have for weeks! I still carry a dull headache at all times – but the thing that was different today is that massive headache that makes me cry – it didn’t come. Not to say it is gone forever but I thank God for giving me a day off from the pain!

Next week I’ll be heading to a migraine clinic. I plan to fly into Haiti right after that!

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