Stuck in Miami

I’m stuck in Miami tonight – but should be in Haiti tomorrow. I cannot wait to be home even though the generator is broken again! Looks like we won’t be able to put up lights around the compound quite yet – at least not if we want to turn them on!

Even still  -I’m happy to go home! Apparently – I’ll be there just in time. This picture was taken last week. I’m not sure what happens when I leave Haiti…..Gabriel must be left to fend for himself. We have Taylen, Miseline, and Eveline living in our house right now and I think they like to play dress up with the kids! I better find some “boyish” dress up clothes or Gabriel is going to be very confused! This is crazy! We’re going to have to start calling him – GABRIELLA!


Although who knows! Maybe Gabriel got this idea from his Uncle Janeil!


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