Here He Comes To Save The Day….Mighty Chuck Is On His Way!

Well I’m home!! YEAH! I’ve spent all day going through crates, expense reports, listening to all that went wrong while I was gone – and I LOVE IT! Just so good to be with the kids and to see all our friends! 

The generator is still down! We are using T-man’s small generator to run the freezers and water and internet. Let me tell you – I almost freaked out when I realized our new freezer of meat just arrived and I was so afraid we would lose all of it! It was plugged over by the canteen and there is no power there! Matt Jump (who’s an Angel) had ran an extension cord over there! Praise the Lord!

Chuck Graham wasn’t scheduled to come in until December. That meant no power until December which is an overwhelming feeling! However – He Volunteered  – after Jose volunteered him 🙂 –  and he’s coming on Wednesday! We’ll be sleeping outside for the next couple of nights – but we’re so happy to know there is a light at the end of a tunnel……and there will be Christmas lights all over the campus next week 🙂

Malaya has been sick today – fever, rash, urinary tract infection, cough, etc. I’m so grateful I’m here with her. I know when I’m sick – there’s nothing like having your mommy – even when you’re 29 years old! So I’m so happy to be here with her. She’s laying on the bed right beside me with a cool rag. She won’t let me leave her side – – funny thing is – there is no other place I’d rather be!

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