Month: January 2009

Malaya’s Birthday Party

FIRST OF ALL – I MUST SAY THANK YOU  – THANK YOU – THANK YOU – TO ANGEL AND MOMMA ANGEL (Kandiance)! There is absolutely NO WAY I could have had such a beautiful party for my little Malaya if it weren’t for their efforts. I know momma […]

Blacked Out in Walmart?

Yep – of course I did. Today is Malaya’s birthday party and while I’ve been a good girl and have stayed on bedrest – I needed to go to Walmart to get a few things for the party. Yesterday – we were at the check-out and I told […]

We’ve Headed To Warmer Ground…

Despite our best efforts – which I really was impressed with our set-up – it was still just too cold. We left around midnight and slept at the mission offices in Frankfort. We’ve got a place for the next two nights – so hopefully the power will come […]

School and Dance…

We went to Northside Elementary today and got Rosie and Mikela registered for school. They do NOT have to have social security cards so we’re set! They do need to get their immunizations up to date which they will do next week. They can’t go to school before […]

One Down….Two to Go!

We went to Woodford Community Church today to talk to Malaya’s preschool teacher. Since she was 3 when the school year started – she can’t go to a regular public preschool. The teacher was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!! Malaya was a little shy when she first went in there – […]