Prayers for an Angel

If any of you have been to Haiti during the summers for the last few years – you’ve all had the pleasure of meeting Angel. She’s interned here in Haiti several times and tends to help me run the groups – or completely runs them when I’m gone. Angel had planned to move here last year full time when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat the cancer and is now on the healing end of the battle. Until today…..

Today Angel received news that her mom has cancer in BOTH lungs. I’m completely devastated for them. Angel’s mom is a beautiful lady who has a passion for the Lord unlike anything I’ve EVER seen. Throughout the entire cancer process – chemo, radiation – and all the things that come with it – she had an amazing outlook and grew closer to God when most of us would be angry. 

Angel is scheduled to move here in June and her mother has been traveling to different countries giving her testimony. As their dreams were finally coming back into focus – this news has certainly taken them back and has crushed all of us who love them dearly.

Please – commit this family to your daily prayers and pray for healing and peace.


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