Not What I Wanted To Hear….

Sorry it has taken me so long to post something. You know I normally am writing something nearly every day but ever since I flew out on Wednesday – things have just been a little crazy.

Wednesday was a horrible day of flying. Everything that could go wrong –  went wrong  -and yet God prevailed in the end like He always does! They actually held my flight to Lexington because I was so sick and they wanted to make sure I made it so I could go to the hospital. A God-thing for sure!!

I went to the Emergency Room shortly after I landed. I spent a day there and then went to see my OB doctor where he then admitted me into the hospital – which is where I am writing you from – despite all my attempts to be discharged! It’s another battle I can’t seem to win. They are acting like they will keep me a few more days. They are talking about sending me home with HOME HEALTH CARE?? I don’t think I’m bad enough to need that – but they brought that up today. I still can’t seem to keep much down and I think they’re afraid they’ll discharge me and I’ll be right back here in a few days.  I’ve had great friends though who’ve stayed here with me and I definitely feel your prayers and love.

They ran tests yesterday on the babies to make sure everything was okay. Their tests came back good. They are measuring two weeks smaller than what they should be but the doctor said that is probably normal considering how dehydrated  and sick I’ve been. They will run more tests when I’m 18 weeks. There is a slight complication though. One of the placentas is too low and could cause me to go on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy. It may force me to have a c-section when it’s closer to time. It for sure makes me high risk and I will have ultrasounds every two weeks to monitor it’s placement and the babies’ growth. I now have two doctors that are responsible for my care – my regular OB doctor and a new High Risk doctor. 

I cannot tell you how much I sobbed as they stuck me on Thursday. I have 18 bandaids on my arms. That doesn’t include the ER’s attempts the day before or the ones in Haiti. No joke – at least 35 times I’ve been stuck this week.  One lady told me in 30 years of working she’s never had this much problem. And they don’t just stick you and then pull the needle out – they move the needle around in your arm. My knuckles, wrists, the vein between your thumb and wrist, all up and down my arm – swollen and bruised. From 12:00-2:00 I had four people in my room – two on each side. I had two tournaquets on. One group would stick on one side while the other group would look on the other. It was back and forth needle stick after needle stick. I was crying – Monica was crying – one of the ladies sticking me started crying. It was horrible – absolutely my worst nightmare.

They all felt so bad that they couldn’t get it. We were going to have to put a port in which is surgical. I didn’t consent to it – I wanted some time to think. We left and went to get the ultrasound done. When I came back about an hour later – they called in a specialst from the “unit” (whatever that was) and she prayed over me and stuck me ONCE and got it.

My doctor told me if I step back on a plane to Haiti – to not dare step back into his office. After much heartbreak I have accepted the fact that I will not be going back to Haiti until after the babies are born.  This is an AMAZING amount of time to be gone. I have no problem completing my work from here – it’s not being with my Haiti family that hurts so much.

Jose will probably bring out OUR family sometime within the next two weeks. I know God must have something in store for us over here – maybe a way we can be used while we’re out that we never even knew about. I’m sure HE has many blessings in store that will be revealed throughout our time here. It’s just hard sometimes when your heart is in a land that feels so far away.

So I’m trying to be positive which is very hard. I also would just love a “break”. I feel like it’s been non-stop sickness since my migraines back in July. Since December 14th I’ve been on IV’s all but 8 days. So I’m ready for some “time-out”. 

Thanks for your prayers – please keep them coming. Please pray as we figure out how to unite our family and as we change our focus to our new reality of being stateside for the next several months.

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  1. My prayers are with you and your family Jody. In my wildest dreams, I can’t imagine what your having to go through. I know in my heart that things are going to start looking up for you soon. Your one of the strongest people that I know, and your strength gives me the courage to get through some of my toughest times.

    …So is a port the same thing as a PICC line? If not…why haven’t the doctors talked about using a PICC line? It would be so much easier for you. I have to get one each time that I go into the hospital because I’m unable to keep an IV, because they either blow as soon as they are placed in my vein or they just can’t find a vein. Anyway, enough about that..

    Many, many hugs to you.

  2. praying friend. wish you would have let me do something, ANYTHING before surgery….when i recuperate, you have to…love you.

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