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Back In The Hospital – in Columbus, OH

Well – here I write again – from inside the hospital. I stayed the night with Angel a few days ago and then headed up to Columbus because my sister is having some major health problems too. I got the phone call from Angel here in Columbus about her mother. I was ready to drive right back down but she told me to wait because my sister was seeing her doctor today.

Perhaps it was the stress of such devastating news or worrying about my sister – I’m not sure –  but late last night I found myself violently ill. My sister took me to the ER where I’ve been admitted for 24 hours. Although that’s what they told me last week when I was in the hospital for 6 days. They only stuck me 5 times last night to get an IV. I think I’m much more hydrated so it was a lot easier although 5 sticks is still a lot. 

So much for me being a comfort to someone else today. The doctor is thinking of sending me home with a Zofran pump but he wanted to call Dr. Bradley (my OB doctor) first.

Well – that didn’t go well. Dr. Bradley’s response was – WHAT IS SHE DOING IN COLUMBUS? I TOLD HER NOT TO GO ANYWHERE. No – that’s not what he told me. He told me not to get on a PLANE.

Dr. Bradley told me that once they release me (hopefully soon)- then he will see me and decide about the Zofran pump. Is this not just a little bit crazy? I’m in as good as spirits as I can be. Only I could come visit someone who’s sick and end up in the hospital.