Month: January 2009


I wasn’t sure I’d get to spend Malaya’s 4th birthday with her.  The family flew nearly a perfect day of travel yesterday – leaving the compound at noon – waiting less than a half hour to catch the tortuga flight – spending less than an hour at the […]

My Family Starts Flying Today…

My wonderful brother-in-law just came this weekend to drop off our van!! WE LOVE HIM!!! What a blessing that was for us! He drove 9 hours straight just to get here and fly back the next day. Jose and the kids will start flying today. Their plan was […]

Update on Angel’s Mom

We received the very sad news today that Angel’s mom has bone cancer and it’s throughout her entire body – not just her lungs. This was not the news we wanted to receive today. Her lungs are completely covered and they are looking at putting in a stent just […]

Why It’s Worth It…..

BABY A BABY B I don’t have a scanner so I had to take a picture of the ultrasound picture! But you get the point – they’re not lima beans anymore – they’re starting to look like little babies now! The nurses listened to heart tones every few […]


I thought for sure they would  let me go today. No such luck! My IV infiltrated a few hours ago and here they come with their blue tourniquets – ready to poke away. I begged for them not to start this process again that I’d do whatever they […]