Month: January 2009

Not What I Wanted To Hear….

Sorry it has taken me so long to post something. You know I normally am writing something nearly every day but ever since I flew out on Wednesday – things have just been a little crazy. Wednesday was a horrible day of flying. Everything that could go wrong […]

Short Update

Jody is still in the hospital. The babies are okay. There are some complications which Jody will blog about whenever she gets discharged. She is pushing to be discharged today but the doctors are fighting her. That’s not a real surprise!  I feel so bad not being there but […]

Update on Jody

Jody had a rough day of travel, spent all day yesterday in ER, was admitted to hospital. They have stuck her wrists and knuckles and she has been in a lot of pain. Her IV infiltrated and they are trying to stick her again. She is an emotional […]

Back on IVs :(

Around 3 am this morning I got really sick again. It seems like my blood sugar is really low – only 40. Magdala put an IV in me early in the morning and it just infiltrated. I’ve been stuck about 8 times and we can’t get another vein. […]

Prayers for an Angel

If any of you have been to Haiti during the summers for the last few years – you’ve all had the pleasure of meeting Angel. She’s interned here in Haiti several times and tends to help me run the groups – or completely runs them when I’m gone. […]

First Group Of The Year

Well the first group should be here any minute. The campus is clean, the dorms are spotless, and the staff is ready to help in any way they can. The Haitians are so excited  – especially our little granmoun who’ve been up here three times to see if […]