Some are Ready to Go Back Home….and Others – Not so much!

So I had Jose bring all the group t-shirts home so I could sort them and mail them out  – on the comfort of my own couch! Malaya came home from school and was so excited! She asked – Are we going back to Haiti today? But your babies aren’t out yet. I told her no – we weren’t going back yet. She doesn’t understand TIME – so I told her when it’s hot outside (meaning summer) then the babies will come. But she told me today was a warm day so they’d be here soon! LOL!

About 10 minutes later Mikela gets off the bus and is CRYING. She said she loves school and she has new friends and she’s not ready to go back to Haiti. 

All I was doing was sorting group shirts – but it’s funny how different the girls feel about being here in the states. I’m a little more like Malaya – I’m ready to go back home! 

I’m not sure how Eveline feels. She’s made some new friends too! I have a little 8 year old boy and two 12 year old girls who come to the house every day and ask if EVELINE and the kids can come play! It’s precious.

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