Not A Good Day..

I have had the worst headache now for two days. Last night I felt completely out of it – almost like I had taken a bunch of pain pills – which I didn’t. My mind was sluggish and I couldn’t sit up straight. I was burning up hot and felt like I couldn’t breathe. Sort of like a panic attack and a black out combined.  It was miserable but I guess around 2am I finally knocked out.

Around 4am I woke up and just had this horrible feeling that something was wrong with the babies. I hadn’t felt them move since early yesterday afternoon and I felt so weird and out of it. I thought maybe it was a side effect to something horrible that was happening. I laid there for 30 minutes- poking on the sides of my belly – trying to get them to move or do something. Nothing. I woke up Jose as I was crying – and he immediately wanted to take me into the ER. 

We compromised and he called the OB doctor who felt like I needed to see the neurologist right away – not sometime next week. He told me that it’s still early and not to worry about not feeling the babies move – but they don’t understand that it’s like a jungle gym in there. I feel them moving – have felt them moving – for weeks. So I knew something wasn’t right. 

We ended up doing doppler heart tones and the babies are okay. There is certainly not a worse feeling than thinking that something horrible is happening and there is nothing you can do about it. I was told to stay in bed all day today (until I see the neurologist). We called the neurology office and we were able to secure an appointment with them on Friday and are supposed to call in the morning to see if they can fit me in at all. 

I still feel out of it – but not like last night. I have had this horrible battery taste in my mouth since last night. I feel a little sluggish and dizzy and for the life of me I cannot get rid of this headache. Sometimes I worry that something is really wrong with my head – to have had so many problems since last July – problems that came out of nowhere – it’s a little overwhelming.

So pray I can get into the doctor tomorrow and there is actually something they can do for me. My fear is that nothing can be done till we deliver which will make for an amazingly difficult next few months.

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  1. So sorry to hear. Remember back when you had some natural massage remedies that seemed to help? Try some of them again. Put on relaxing music, massage your hands, ears, and feet. These all represent the body. AVOID massage on either side of the ankles though, it can cause you to go into premature labor. The big toe and thumbs are representive of the head. On top of the hand between the thumb and index finger apply pressure in that valley. go on the internet and research reflexology of the hands feet and ears and you can get some good tips of some points that Jose or you can do on yourself. You might use some color and aromatheraphy also. Just be careful to not over stimulate. And of coarse prayer does wonders and I know that you are and know that we are lifting you up as well. Blessings Laura.

  2. I’m so sorry you are going through this. You are constantly in our prayers. Your faith through all of this is an inspiration.

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