Month: March 2009

No Momma Gigi – This Isn’t Haiti!

I know I’ve already posted today but I couldn’t help but write again. I heard there is a new Carter’s store in Lexington and they sell baby clothes. I wanted to just go and “look”. I figured a little trip out would be nice considering I’ve been staring […]

Eveline is Heading Back to Haiti

Eveline came out of Haiti with Jose in January. She has been absolutely AMAZING! I don’t know what we would have done without her these last few weeks. We had talked to her school before she left about her being gone for so long. They told us she […]

Last Chance…..

Yesterday my Cardiologist gave me the great news that I have ONE LAST CHANCE to go home!! She is a wonderful woman with a family. She heard Jose and I talking about the kids having spring break next week and how bummed I was that I couldn’t be […]

Peace in the Storm..

Jose brought Gabriel to see me today. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Having him run to my bed – yelling MAMA – and wanting me to hold him – it was all I needed today. He stayed in my lap for most of the visit […]

Answers….Sort Of

I’m out of the hospital!! YEAH! Of course when I left the nurses told me they’d see me real soon! Based off of all my heart tests it seems that when I stand-up my heart rate speeds up. The heart rate and the blood pressure are inversely related. […]


Today they decided to do another MRI. I had one done last July but they wanted to make sure there weren’t any changes. I was rolled down in the wheelchair to get it done. You have to lay flat on your back for 20 minutes. That’s not easy […]

Rosie’s 5th Birthday

Rosie’s birthday is actually January 8th but we had too much going on then to really celebrate it. We were given FRONT ROW tickets to Disney On Ice and we decided that would be a good time to celebrate her birthday. ┬áHere is the flaw in having great […]