Update From Hospital

Sorry I haven’t blogged – but I haven’t felt very well. I blacked out on Saturday and never bounced back from it. I continued to stay light headed and nauseated. We went to the ER where they then admitted me. My head was still pounding and they gave me some Stadol and Phenergan IV. The babies were checked out and they’re okay. They wanted to keep me for observation. It’s like I have said before – once I get here – they never want to let me out. I have been really sick to my stomach so they decided to do an ultrasound on my gallbladder. Apparently I have gallbladder disease and it needs to be taken out but AGAIN – not something they want to do while I’m pregnant. He does want it done though before I go back to Haiti. So that was kind of frustrating. It seems like my body has so many problems and none of it can be taken care of until after the babies are born. 

He told me he was really concerned about my overall health and wants to take everything day by day. This weekend is the board meeting and we really want to go to it. I need to be released by tomorrow in order to make it. I’m not going to “force” myself to get discharged but I’m certainly praying that they will discharge me long enough to at least go to the meeting. I already have an appointment with my high risk doctor on Monday so I feel like they could let me out of their sight for a few days!! But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! (I know – not my will but HIS!). 

Thanks for your prayers.  Love you all – jody

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