Don’t worry. Apparently I’m not going anywhere!

I’ve been waiting all day to be discharged from the hospital. We were hoping to leave first thing in the morning to head to the board meeting. Last night Jose stayed with me – only he spent most of the night in the ER passing kidney stones while I had one of my worst nights and had to be sedated as well.  Jose and I were texting each other inside the hospital around 2am and you could tell when our drugs kicked in because our texts quit making sense! That was the only funny part now looking back.

I felt so much better today though and was waiting for them to let me go. The doctor came in about an hour ago.  I’m dressed with my bags packed and shoes on.  The doctor looked at me and  just shook his head and said  – There’s just no way I’m ready to discharge you yet. I’m not confident you won’t end up back in here within a day or so. You need to put that gown back on!  🙁 

I  cried as soon as the doctor told me I wasn’t going anywhere – not just because I can’t go to the meeting – but because I miss the fellowship so much. I know – cue the violins! I’m throwing a pity party and I’m the guest of honor!  Jose quickly reminded me when Heather went into Labor and Janeil had to leave the Catalyst Conference early. The slogans are right – – A baby really does change EVERYTHING – especially two of them!

Jose is feeling MUCH better after one of his worst nights. I don’t know how to even describe him. I don’t know what it’s like to pass a stone -but I know it’s bad. YET after he’s discharged from the ER – he’s up here trying to take care of me. AMAZING is all I can say. He is still going to the meeting tomorrow.

On a positive note – (for a change) – Mikela’s class visited the planetarium today. She’s been telling everyone that she went to space today and wants to move there.  Rosie has been upset because she hasn’t been to space yet and said that we’re supposed to be family and travel to space together! Got to love those girls! 

 We might have to start charging you admission to be apart of this crazy show!

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  1. God Love ya! You make me laugh and cry all in the same blog! I love it that you just put it all out there. It makes it easier to know how to pray for you. What stories you will have to tell your little boys. I know you hate not being in Haiti and I have heard you say you won’t have anything to write about when you’re in the states. HOWEVER I find you just as entertaining WHEREVER you are. Your blog title is right – there is never a dull moment there!!

  2. Aww…I can just picture you and Jose in matching gowns texting each other while you’re half sedated. Maybe you should post those texts!! I bet that would be funny.

    You’re in my prayers and i love your little humor even when its mingled in with your pain. You’re something else!

  3. The kids were all talking in class today about the planetarium and how they saw earth and the sun and starts and cardboard spaceships! It was cute. I think the trip was a hit!

  4. Jose-Nothing like being at the right place at the right time.
    I was thinking( before I read the last line of your blog) you could sell this to a movie right or a book. Hope you all are on the mend. Take it easy and know that your in my thoughts and prayers. Laura

  5. Wow- I’d buy tickets for this crazy show. 🙂 Hang in there, each day you are a little bit closer to the finish line. We’ll keep praying you through. I had never heard of the kidney disease before and my brother-in-law Bob had to cancel his trip coming to Haiti next week because he has the same thing. How weird. Maybe you can get them to give you a deal and have them take any extra parts you don’t really need so you won’t have to go through any more problems. 🙂

    All kidding aside, we are praying for you and your family. Thanks for the updates so we know what we need to be praying for. God has this all under control. Hopefully soon you will look back at all this and see what Gods purpose was for all of this.

    Thanks for giving Annie the opportunity to work under Melissa. I love following her blog and seeing the pictures of the babies and hearing all her stories. She is getting to do some incredible things that she would never get to experience in the States. She is growing so much. Looking forward to seeing her next week. 🙂

    Take care and we love you guys.

  6. OK—– I give up and just keep smiling and praying that you and Jose are both listening to the doctors!!! Believe me, I do understand about the fellowship, but think of the party you will have whne the boys are here!
    Yes I can just about imagine the matching hospital gowns!!! And the texting messages….keep the faith—-those boys will be here before long!
    Walking in SONshine

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