Jose in the ER while I’m in the Hospital

My mom has been staying with me every night and she sleeps on a pull-out chair beside my bed here in the hospital. I wanted her to have a break and so she went home and Jose stayed with me instead. He was barely here an hour and his side started hurting. He started walking around  – up and down the hall – but it still hurt. He doesn’t complain a lot – rarely gets sick – and yet I can see him teary-eyed. I told him he needs to go to the ER. 

So he spent last night in the ER getting blood work and other labs done. They think he’s got kidney stones – which are very painful. So they gave him some good drugs to knock him out last night. So he’s in the ER and I’m on the floor. I’m hoping to be let out today. I don’t know if it was the stress from Jose’s episode last night but it has been four days since I’ve blacked-out – — or I should say it WAS four days. I got so sick last night that I passed out and the nurse had to come and help me get back into bed.  She gave me pain meds and called the doctor. It was a regular circus last night I just wanted to scream – ENOUGH ALREADY!!  

Please pray for Jose as I know he is still in a lot of pain. We can’t seem to catch a break around here.

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  1. Hold onto your hat babe! God knows what you can and can’t handle! Just trust Him!

    We are praying for you, Jose, the boys and your entire family. Just remember God is holding onto you, you won’t fall.

    We love ya!
    Tracy and Family

  2. Dear Jody:

    Please know that we are sincerely praying for you BUT… DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE BOARD MEETING!!! Listen to what you are saying!!! You want the babies and they are important to you and Jose and everyone else, But are you really putting you and the life of your babies at risk by going!??!! I am not a medical professional but I have worked with medical folks most of my life….. in other words listen to them and do not risk it!!!
    I can only pray for you and the situation and God will handle the rest….He knows what He is doing for sure…..have you thought about having the board meeting at the hospital or having a video conference ….anything to not put you at risk….no matter how good you feel….IT IS A RISK! Sorry for going off a little. but I had a 2 pound preemie years ago and it is no picnic!
    Take care and we will pray for all of you and wait upon the Lord for all the answers.

    Walking in SONshine
    Jeanie Hess

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