Last Chance…..

Yesterday my Cardiologist gave me the great news that I have ONE LAST CHANCE to go home!! She is a wonderful woman with a family. She heard Jose and I talking about the kids having spring break next week and how bummed I was that I couldn’t be at home with them. She talked to my OB doctor. She has started me on some new medications that she thinks will take care of the blackouts – of course we won’t know until time has passed. But she was able to talk the OB doctor into giving me a chance. He thinks I’ll be back before Spring Break is over but he graciously agreed to let me go home to try it.

They told me when/if I come back to pack my bags because I’ll be there for the long haul. I told him now that they told me that I’ll never come back!!! 🙂 

Thanks for the prayers. I’m very grateful for the “chance” to come home and spend a little time with the family and with Gigi’s mom. I have to tell you the highlight has been seeing Gigi walk up and down the steps and all over the house. This is the first time she’s been out since she could walk. She wants to go outside all the time. She walks to the front door and tries to open it about every 5 minutes. We will be in trouble if she ever figures out how to do it!

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