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I Just Can’t _____ Anymore!

Fill in the blank with just about any verb  and I think it describes where I’m at right now. The last few days have been extremely rough. Having blacked out 3 times since I was discharged on Friday and having a horrible headache that not even my narcotics can get rid of – I have spent the majority of the time in tears.  I gave up the ghost and went to the hospital last night and spent a good part of the night in the ER where my OB doctor happened to be on call – which NEVER happens at night. I managed to escape early this morning without being admitted as he told me once he does – I’m in for good. However our encounter was not a very good one. We got into a discussion about my activities and health and did not see eye to eye – that’s for sure. As much as I was glad to see him at first- when it was over – I wished I would have just seen whoever was on call. 

There’s not much more they can do for me while I’m pregnant. I feel like I’m beginning to dig a hole I can’t get out of. CUE THE VIOLINS – –  I don’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have bruises from my falls, my head pounds, its a struggle just to breathe and lay comfortably and I’m just not sure I can ______ anymore. 

My blog is a little bit of a roller coaster is it not? I’m laughing one minute and sad the next! I’m blaming it on hormones! I think I will wait to blog again once the Hills and Curves aren’t so steep and sharp!

Thanks for your prayers and support. We love you!