MRI and Overnight at Hospital

Sunday morning I blacked out and hit my head on the tub! I went to the hospital where they did another MRI (even though I just did one last month). There is a pretty good-sized knot on the back of my head and of course it was pounding. The hardest part was trying to lay flat in the machine. They had to pull me out several times during the MRI scan just because I was so nauseated. My OB doctor wasn’t there or on-call. So I saw another doctor. I had the neurologist and cardiologist in to see me within an hour of arriving. I’m on some new medication and I have more follow-up visits this week. 

I figured this was it – I would be here in the hospital for good now. I guess since it wasn’t my OB doctor – they didn’t really think a lot about it. I was discharged this morning with no effort to even ask me to stay. I’m very sore and still very overwhelmed – but I can’t believe they let me out before Easter. I keep thinking if I can just get through Easter at home with the kids – then I don’t care what they do to me. Today I didn’t even have to state my case.

I can’t say that I feel much better than the last time I blogged – but I am lucky that I wasn’t more seriously injured. My list of things I’m allowed to do on my own keeps getting smaller and smaller. I already have to have someone walk me to the bathroom – to the couch – up the steps of my house  – to my bed – to the porch to sit and watch the kids play- etc. I guess now I’ll have to shower with them too!! LOL!

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  1. First off…*many, many hugs*. Wow. I keep up to date on how your doing, and with each entry that I read, you continue to amaze me. Your one of the strongest people I think I have ever known. I’m in tears over some of the things that you write, and then in the very next sentence you write something funny and I find myself laughing. And yes, it is very hard to depend on people for help with the things you have been able to do on your own all your life. Everyone needs help sometimes, believe me I know. Just gotta take things day by day, and try to find the humor in things. Supposedly the best medicine is laughter and I believe it. Its gotten me through some really tough times. Of course people thought I was crazy that I could laugh at my situation, and that just made it even funnier for me. I’m easily amused that way haha. I may not have seen you for a “few” years, but I’m sure that your just as stubborn now as you were when we were kids (haha) so make sure you get the rest your supposed to be getting. And remember to laugh. I still hope to see you and your family one day.

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