Do You Know Where Jesus Is?

So Malaya had her Easter party at school today. She goes to school at Woodford Community Church. She had all kinds of eggs that she collected on her hunt, an egg she painted, pictures she colored, etc. She couldn’t wait to show me everything. 

So she shows me this picture she water-painted. It’s Jesus’ tomb and there are two women standing outside of it.

I asked Malaya, “When did you paint this?”
She responded, “Tomorrow”.

I laughed and told her you couldn’t have painted it tomorrow because it’s already done. Then I asked her what the picture was about.

She told me, ” Jesus died on the cross – BUT – He’s not there anymore”.
I asked her if He was in the picture with the empty tomb.
She said, “NO – He’s not there”.
I asked her – “WHERE IS HE?”

She put her hand on her hip……thought a little bit……then said, “ACTUALLY, I DON’T KNOW!”

I told her I thought Jesus was in Heaven. Malaya looked at me and shook her head. She said, “NO –  Jesus is in our heart – and mommy – you supposed to know that already”.

Then she ripped her papers out of my hand and told me she’d teach me more later……

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  1. I’ve always thought that the most valuable lessons we learn in life is usually taught to us by children.

    Sounds like Malaya isn’t done teaching you yet lol.

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