People From Ohio….

So I have been building a Top 10 List of Stupid Things People From Ohio Say To Pregnant Women but it looks like I won’t be back to Ohio before I have the babies. So I thought I would go ahead and share a few.

I spent part of January and early February in Commercial Point, OH. This was when I thought we were having a boy and a girl – but we weren’t sure. I was out a lot with my sister as this was before all the blackouts and pregnancy problems.

There were a few REPEAT offenders who were on my lists last year and a few new ones.

I’m explaining to a lady that we’re pregnant with twins and about how we have all our other children. I told them they all have different fathers. I should have learned from last year that you don’t tell people in Ohio that! She looks at my belly and says – Will they have different fathers?? — – Hmm…. Now I know on Days of Our LIves that Sammy had a set of twins and they each had a different dad – – but never really heard of that outside of a soap opera!

I’m talking to a lady at the super market that was apart of my top 10 list from last summer. She sees all of my kids – both black and white. I told her it’s like we have a rainbow of colors in our family with our Haitian children, Gabriel which looks a little spanish, but then Malaya who is whiter than me. We’re making small chit chat. I told her we’re having Twins but were not quite sure what we’re having! (I’m talking the sex of the baby). She says – That must be unreal – not knowing what color they’ll be. – – – Hmm……not what I was meaning when I said I didn’t know what we’re having! Now my sister said to this lady’s defense – there was an article about a British couple that had a set of twins and one was black and one was white. Maybe she just read that article!!

I explain to a lady (who was on my top 10 list last summer) that a lot of people think we’re having a boy and a girl! Somehow she missed that I said we were having “twins”. Her eyes got really big and she said – – I’ve heard about that. Oh my GOD- how will you know how to raise it? – – – – – – -Okay I’m not having one baby that is a boy and a girl – but two babies. I guess that really would have been interesting!

I run into an old friend from my sister’s church- I tell her we’re pregnant. She says – Oh good! You know with all the Holidays and winter months – people get really depressed. I thought you just gained “all that weight” from that!! – OUCH! Way to kick me when I’m down!

I’m complaining about how crappy I feel and the man I’m sitting next to looks at me and says – You know – you brought this all on yourself!! – – – Thanks – I needed to hear that! That man was actually JOSE!!! 🙂 Believe me – I’ll remember that comment a few months from now!

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  1. I’ve not yet experience pregnancy but I do have a vague (lol) understanding of how this process works, and I’m pretty sure Jose helped you out on this little project. =)

  2. I have one to add to your list. A friend of mine had twins (1 boy and 1 girl). While walking the twins someone stopped her to talk then asked if they (twins) were identical. This was after sharing the names of the babies.

  3. Alright I was exploring your website like good friends do in taking an interest and JODY you punk! I saw my name and drag my mouse closer for further exploration “crazy intern” Really? 🙂 Well, i would like you to know that I am a permeant fixture and crazy… that is just nonsense… specially unique 🙂 mmmmm so excited when I can have you back in person 🙂

  4. I worked in a Head Start center in Indianapolis for a while, and we had a mom there who had twins with two different dads. It is possible, not just in the soaps. Not that I think it would happen to you!

  5. What I think is funny Courtney, is that that has been on there for the LONGEST time 🙂 ahahahahhahahah!!!!!! I was looking at your website too Jody a while ago, and left my mouse on a name once, and something came up, so I looked at Courtney’s and saw Crazy intern.. it made me laugh!

  6. Laugh all you want sarah when you intern here i will make jody give you some funny little name too 🙂

  7. That has been on there since I first added your blog!! You guys are funny. Now that you’re a “missionary” and not intern – I”ll change it so something else creative soon!

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