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Well…I’m A Mess!

God gave me a beautiful Easter day with my kids but around 4pm I had to go to the ER for going into labor. I was given meds to stop the labor. I’m 26 weeks – the babies only have a 40% chance of survival if I were to deliver. I saw many doctors today and I don’t agree with most of them. Several of them think I have a CHRONIC TROPICAL DISEASE – like I’m still carrying a malaria bug even though I”m not acutely sick. They think I just have it in my system and it’s making me sick. Someone else thinks I have worms in my brain. It’s been a nightmare with all of the tests I’ve had to have – especially now that the infectious disease doctors are involved. I was poked with needles 18 times today trying to draw tubes and tubes of blood. They cathed me and have done other invasive tests – all which have left me feeling numb inside.

They told me that they want to keep me now for two weeks as the next two weeks are critical – every day the babies are in the womb – they increase their chance of survival by 3%. They are talking about inducing me in two weeks which means the babies will be 28 weeks old and will spend a long time in the NICU and will more than likely have lung issues.

I’m a complete mess – just a complete mess. I’m afraid for the babies and I’m just so tired… tired of all of this medical drama. I think I’ve cried non-stop today. Please pray for my little boys – for my saniety – and for Jose who is having to be so strong during all of this….