Up and Down…..Up and Down….

As I anticipated all of my Tropical Disease tests came back negative. I am a carrier for Malaria and TB but they are not affecting this pregnancy or my health. I know they were trying to help but that day of tests and invasive procedures – it still leaves me sick to my stomach. 

None of my doctors can agree about what to do with me. My OB doctor wants me hospitalized until the babies are born – however – he has decided I’m too complicated for his expertise and has turned me over to the High Risk Doctors. There are 3 High Risk Doctors that I see – they all work together. I don’t understand how they work together because each one told me something different.

One of the more conservative High Risk Doctors said they wanted me to stay in the hospital for two weeks because these next two weeks are critical. I’ve been having high blood pressure, black-outs, nausea/vomiting, and contractions. He wants to monitor me. I saw him the first five days. However he is off call now and I’m seeing his partner who is more liberal.

His partner thinks I would do better at home with home health care checking on me and me coming to their office every two days for check-ups. He thinks when women are admitted into the hospital this early on – they become depressed and the mental toll can affect the pregnancy in a negative way as well. He’d rather send me home on shots of Terbutaline (which stops the contractions), blood pressure pills and nausea meds. He thinks the longer I can make it out of the hospital – the better chance the babies have. (??? None of the nurses can figure him out except to say that none of the high risk doctors are ever on the same page).

As he is the doctor on call – I have followed his instruction and am home now. I have to give myself shots every 4 hours for the contractions. I honestly don’t feel any better now then I did on Easter when I came into the Hospital. They are still talking of inducing me around 28 weeks because they feel like my body is creating a hostile environment for the babies. However – I also know if we can keep them in longer then we will just for a better chance of survival. 

It has certainly been a roller-coaster of events. I have no idea how long I’ll even be home. I still can’t keep anything down. It just doesn’t make sense. I’m trying to just give it all to God and pray that these doctors are doing what is truly best for me – but it would make me feel a lot better if they would all agree – even just a little.

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  1. Hi Jody Beth: I have been keeping in touch with you via your blogs; I definitely have you in my prayers. Your plate is full, with your other babies, and then the twins too, plus your health issues. I pray for peace and comfort for you, and two healthy babies. I know that Jose must also be exhausted, so I pray for rest and peace for him too. God bless you for your work and concern for the Haitian people. Take care.

    Love in Christ, Pat

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