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  1. Oh my, you’re pregnant with twins! I haven’t been here since my first post.

    So your nutritional needs are nearly doubled, did you know that? Most doctors in the US (and probably there, too) don’t realize the importance of adequate protein intake for pregnant women. I have to stress that, because it’s happened to me and if it wasn’t for a midwife friend who gave me the right books to read, I would have been hospitalized during one of my pregnancies.

    Many of your symptoms describe pre-enclampsia (toxemia), which is caused directly by inadequate protein intake. You may not have protein in your urine yet (or maybe you do) but the mental confusion, depression, headaches, fainting, heart irregularities, bruising, etc. are HUGE indicators of toxemia. Here’s another list of symptoms:

    –If, after the 20th week of pregnancy, your blood pressure rises to 140/90 or more when you have never had high blood pressure
    –Sudden weight gain unrelated to excess food intake
    –Severe swelling of the hands and face
    –Unexplained headaches or fever
    –Esophageal or stomach pain or itching
    –Vision disturbances, such as blurred vision
    –Protein in the urine or very low urine output
    –Rapid heartbeat

    I’m concerned that you are willingly medicating yourself with such strong drugs but not dealing with the underlying problem which is so easily remedied! I implore you to get ahold of a high-protein supplement such as a shake mix or drink mix. Mix it according to directions in juice or milk and (FORCE YOURSELF to) drink 2-4 servings daily in between meals (NOT as a meal substitute). Eat plenty of eggs (3 a day at least– they contain albumin which is easily used by your body). Plus many servings of milk, cheese, red meat, chicken, pork, fish, pinto beans, peanut butter, whatever you normally eat that has a lot of protein.

    I GUARANTEE: You will start to feel better immediately! and you will give your twins a fighting chance. They need more nutrition than you are providing them! Your body is trying to tell you that! You’re right that your babies do NOT need to be born early– they need YOU to take care of your own health by eating high-protein foods every few hours round the clock if possible.

    Order Dr. Tom Brewer’s book “What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know”. Dr. Brewer ran an OB clinic in a poor section of the San Fransicso area. He had NO cases of toxemia in his practice (2,000+ patients). His documented research is not popular with mainstream doctors and I do not understand why. But it works, and works QUICKLY. Also, you need to salt your food to taste. Adequate salt intake helps your body metabolize the extra blood volume you are carrying along with your twins.

    Eating protein and salting to taste– two very simple remedies that cause no harm but will potentially save your babies’ lives and yours too. Email me at If you’d like, I will order Dr. Brewer’s book and have it shipped to you in Haiti. I will post any sites I find that may be of help.

  2. I am linking to a very good transcript of an interview with Dr. Tom Brewer (now deceased), who describes his medical training and his research into toxemia and how he developed ‘best practices’ for his pregnant patients. He was a humble and caring man.

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