Family is in Peoria, IL at Mission Conference

Jose took the family to a mission’s conference we had signed-up for a long time ago. Granted this isn’t the best timing for Jose to leave – but I really felt like he needed to go. Not to worry – I’m in good hands! Jani Lewis  has taken me in and has been watching me and making sure I don’t black out or go into labor! I have everything I need – and hopefully I won’t have to go to the hospital this weekend. I’m already dilated some, I still have contractions a lot, and I’m nauseated nearly all day long – but I’m making it each day. Each day the babies have another 3% chance of survival. So every day counts – even the bad ones!

At this point there’s not a lot I can do – it’s all in God’s hands. I will be 28 weeks on Monday and the doctors are hoping that I’ll make it closer to 30 weeks now. Two weeks can make a huge difference in whether the babies have long-term health problems. My blood pressure is kind of all over the place as is my heart rate – but if we can try to keep them under control then they won’t have to induce me just yet. 

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I’ve been really sick almost every single day. Today wasn’t too bad – and I’m always grateful for any moment I have where I feel “okay”. So thank you for your prayers. I’ve been pretty depressed this week – but I keep thinking one way or another – SOON this miserable pregnancy phase will all be over and we’ll have two precious little boys!

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