I made it to 28 weeks!

I am so thankful for all your prayers. I spent the weekend with Jani – she was SO good taking care of me! I don’t think she let me get up for anything (except the bathroom). I am back at my parent’s house now. Jose and the kids should be here soon. I have had two very rough nights. Friday night I had contractions every 6 minutes for hours. I called the OB doctor and they had me double my contraction medication. If it didn’t work after 30 minutes then I needed to come in. The high dosage did slow them down. 

Then Saturday I had it again – only MUCH worse pain. My stomach is actually sore today from all the contractions from last night. I see the high risk doctor tomorrow (not sure which one) but I see one of them! I guess we’ll see what they decide to do with me.

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  1. Hi Jody,
    I am a member of the Church Jose was at this past weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet him, and your children. I’ve met your parents several times over the years. I am part of the team that is going in June to the mission. I am very excited to finally be a part of this incredible mission. Hang in there, we are all praying for you.

    In His service,

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