The Babies Aren’t Quite Ready to Meet the World..

The doctor ran some tests today and basically the babies are still in no way ready to meet the world. While Baby B has a fair chance – Baby A would really struggle. So it’s really important we stay pregnant. They told me that all the contractions I’m having are effecting the cervix and I guess once you get to 2.5cm or less then labor is almost impossible to stop. Last week I was 4cm and this week 3.4.

They switched my medications and have me on a stronger dosage of meds to stop the contractions. HOWEVER – they’re giving it only a short amount of time to work or they’ll admit me full time on Mag. Sulfate which I was on that before with Gabriel and it’s MISERABLE. It has horrible side effects. 

I got a shot today to help jump start the new contraction medication. They also did a lot of blood work. I was in the hospital all day long. When I got home they called and said my labs were abnormal and I need to go back tomorrow to re-test. I’m not diabetic – never have had any problems with that during pregnancy but apparently my sugar is REALLY up. So more lab work tomorrow.

Janeil and Heather are back in Kentucky! Yeah! The girls were SO HAPPY to see NeNe! I love watching them all play together. I got to spend a few hours with Janeil tonight. Nothing like a good talk with your brother to lift your spirits and put things in perspective. I feel like my soul has been renewed – – now if only I can get the rest of my body to cooperate.

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