Month: April 2009

People From Ohio….

So I have been building a Top 10 List of Stupid Things People From Ohio Say To Pregnant Women but it looks like I won’t be back to Ohio before I have the babies. So I thought I would go ahead and share a few. I spent part […]

Baby Orphanage Needs…

Although it seems like my family has our own baby orphanage – it’s not nearly as big as the one the mission has! It has been my dream to house 50 babies there on the compound. When I went to nursing school – I majored in pediatrics. I […]

Do You Know Where Jesus Is?

So Malaya had her Easter party at school today. She goes to school at Woodford Community Church. She had all kinds of eggs that she collected on her hunt, an egg she painted, pictures she colored, etc. She couldn’t wait to show me everything.  So she shows me […]

MRI and Overnight at Hospital

Sunday morning I blacked out and hit my head on the tub! I went to the hospital where they did another MRI (even though I just did one last month). There is a pretty good-sized knot on the back of my head and of course it was pounding. […]

I Just Can’t _____ Anymore!

Fill in the blank with just about any verb  and I think it describes where I’m at right now. The last few days have been extremely rough. Having blacked out 3 times since I was discharged on Friday and having a horrible headache that not even my narcotics […]