Back Home Again…

After several days in the hospital – I am back home now. I haven’t felt great but it’s good to be in my own bed. The doctor that discharged me is the same one that discharged me last time. He’s SO different than my other high risk doctor. He told me I didn’t even need to take the contraction pills because I’m 29 weeks now and the babies “should” be okay. My other doctor ordered me 60 pills and wants them every 4 hours and tells me the babies AREN’T going to just be okay – but spend months in the NICU if I deliver now. I obviously am listening to my main doctor but just find it interesting that they both are partners with a huge difference in opinions. 

Poor little Gabriel has a staph infection. It started on his hand and as he rubs his eyes – now his eyelids have it. There are about 8 or 9 spots now up and down his legs and arms – – his chin and face – covered. We are treating him for it now and having him wear long-sleeve shirts/pants to help control the spread but certainly this wasn’t something we wanted to deal with right now. You can tell he doesn’t feel very good and his little eyes are so pink – he looks pitiful. 

Rosie got to visit the train station today with her school. It’s all she has talked about today. Today was also a Mother’s Day tea party for Malaya’s class. I was too sick to go to it but my mom went instead. It was very precious. 

After being gone for a few days – it’s always nice to come home and hear the kids calling out for their mommy! I’m trying to love on Gabriel but also keep a little distance until his staph is a little more under control. 

Looking forward to a peaceful Mother’s Day Weekend!! Hope that turns out to be true! 🙂

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