No Babies Yet….

Saw the doctor today. The babies are very healthy. I don’t know how they have room to move around but Baby B continues to go from sitting to laying down each visit. Baby A is still breech which means we’re still looking at a c-section. I’m 34 weeks now! I can’t hardly believe it. I just am amazed I’ve made it this long. Now I need for you to QUIT praying for me to stay pregnant but to DELIVER!!! 🙂

I have a little bit of protein in my urine and my blood pressure is higher than I’ve ever had it but still in high-normal range.  When you have pre-eclampsia you have a lot of protein in your urine and high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia is what caused me to deliver Gabriel at 32 weeks and Malaya at 36 weeks.  For some reason this go around I’ve had LOW blood pressure. The doctor joked with me and said if I  keep it up (blood pressure/protein in urine) then he’ll have to deliver! I told him next time I’m bringing protein powder so I can sprinkle it in my urine and running up a flight of stairs!! 

Although on the serious side of things he said they would still be in the NICU and even at 34 weeks I can have very sick little baby boys. Last night I had such a bad night – I was ready to deliver regardless (selfishly). I had high left-sided rib pain. I was in tears and taking pain meds. They thought at first it was the babies in my ribs but the pain was too high for it to be the babies. Then they thought  it was my spleen or a kidney stone- but they never could pinpoint it exactly. It’s manageable right now but still hurts. We just aren’t sure what’s causing it and can’t really explore it while I’m pregnant. 

I remember last year a lady coming into the birthing center saying she was 15 months pregnant! We laughed and told her that was impossible. Now I’m just wondering if she didn’t have the same doctors as me! 🙂

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  1. Dear Jody,
    I am rooting for you to hang in there and have those prescious twins.
    I know you will be glad when it is over.
    Prayers that all will go well.

    Christian Love and prayers,
    Miriam R. EuDaly

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