Well it wasn’t breakfast in bed – but it was waffles at the Waffle House at 3am! No joke. I couldn’t sleep and neither could Jose. I figure nothing like some greasy food to move along the laboring process! We are steadily moving it along and have high hopes that something will happen tomorrow. 

The girls took Jose out to the China Buffet (his favorite place) and tonight are making brownies. I wish I could do more – that I was actually mobile or wasn’t having contractions all day.  He DESERVES everything. There simply isn’t a better daddy. I don’t know any father who does as much as Jose does. (Not even Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8!).

Having grown-up without a father one might expect for Jose to be lacking in how to give fatherly love. I think he brings a whole new level of how to love children. I watch him every day – the patience he has isn’t even human. The energy he has to chase them around outside, swim with them, take them to the park, buckle all 5 of them in their car seats – climbing over seats to do it – it’s just amazing. I was in the hospital last month and he took all the kids to Chuck E Cheese – BY HIMSELF!! 

Gigi is still in diapers even though she’s 8 years old. She will be in diapers all her life. She’s so skinny she can wear a size 3 diaper – but her bladder is normal size. Did you know that Jose will get up at least once – if not twice – to change her diaper in the middle of the night just to make sure she doesn’t wake up drenched? Who does that? 

I’ve always known that I was one of the luckiest wives – but there is no doubt that our children are the luckiest too!!



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  1. He is definitely a work of art! There is nobody like him and he deserves the best and only the best.

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