Month: June 2009

Fear and Anxiety….

It’s almost 4am. I have found myself in tears the last few days (not uncommon). My spleen is enlarged and I’m in a lot of pain and the pain pills barely touch it. I thought this might be reason enough to deliver – but my doctors want me […]

A Scared, Little Child…..

I was cleaning under my bed here at my parent’s house and found a tub of some of my old writings from middle school. This is a poem I wrote in 7th grade. I can’t believe I kept it! Before you critique – just remember – I was […]

Lightening Strikes….

Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was 3:45am and I decided to go for a float in hot tub. It started pouring down rain a little after 5am. I love to watch the rain and storms. We’re those people you always see on their porch waiting for the […]

No Babies Yet….

Saw the doctor today. The babies are very healthy. I don’t know how they have room to move around but Baby B continues to go from sitting to laying down each visit. Baby A is still breech which means we’re still looking at a c-section. I’m 34 weeks […]

My Place of Refuge

For the last few weeks I’ve been soaking in my parents’ hot tub. They got it a long time ago but Janeil and I are the only ones who really use it when we are in town.  We turned off the heater – so that it’s cool – […]

Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital today. I was blessed enough to not be in the hospital and was able to attend! It was so precious – I got teary-eyed just watching them! They’re so grown up!!

33 Weeks and Counting….

We finally had a serious talk about delivery with the doctor today. I’ve been fighting HORRIBLE labor pains. I’m popping so many pills I feel like a drug dealer! No joke – I bet I have 10 bottles of medication. The doctor I saw today wasn’t my normal […]

It’s The Climb…….

I can almost see it……….That dream I’m dreaming butThere’s a voice inside my head sayin, ……….You’ll never reach it, Every step I’m taking…………Every move I make feelsLost with no direction…………….My faith is shaking but IGot to keep trying…………Got to keep my head held highThere’s always going to be another […]

Mikela’s Field Day…

This is the last week of school and there has been so much going on there the past two weeks. With all our pregnancy drama we’ve missed out on a few events the school has had for the girls. Erin (who is a music teacher there) was nice […]