Month: July 2009

Migraines Are Back….

I have been really struggling the last few days. It seems like now that Jose is in Haiti – the babies have become colicky and my head has been killing me. Maybe it’s Satan attacking us right as we get ready to move our family back home. I […]

The Curse of Twins…

We got a real lesson of the HAITIAN curse about twins when we took Gigi in over 6 years ago. Gigi was two years old and 7lbs – barely surviving. I remember when she got malaria and was near death. The Miriam Center was right outside my window […]

Missing Jose and Gigi….

We dropped Jose and Gigi off in Cincinnati at the hotel so they could fly out first thing that next morning. My sister took the rest of the kids (except the twins) just so it would be easier on me this week with the babies. Seeing Jose push […]

My Walk With God..

God asked me to take a walk with Him, Our first in a very long time. I asked Him if He could wait just a minute, He frowned and said that was fine. An hour flew right on by, I told Him I’d be there when I can. […]

Wrapping Up Our NY Trip…

It’s always bittersweet visiting Jose’s family. Just around the time that the kids are adjusted and starting to really feel comfortable – it’s time for us to go. It’s so hard saying good-bye… especially when we know it will be months before we see them again. Tomorrow Asher […]

The In-Laws Meet the Babies!

We got clearance from their doctor to make the trip to New York so Jose’s family could meet Levi and Asher. We decided to make it a family trip and so we drove for two very long days!! It was quite the adventure. Today we took the girls […]