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Migraines Are Back….

I have been really struggling the last few days. It seems like now that Jose is in Haiti – the babies have become colicky and my head has been killing me. Maybe it’s Satan attacking us right as we get ready to move our family back home. I was hoping that the headaches would not return but I know that stress and lack of sleep are great triggers for their return. I certainly have both!

I’m hoping to see the neurologist next week. I really don’t want the headaches to slow down our return to Haiti. The babies cry almost all day and all night. Not sure what’s going on with them but I’m completely exhausted!

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The Curse of Twins…

We got a real lesson of the HAITIAN curse about twins when we took Gigi in over 6 years ago. Gigi was two years old and 7lbs – barely surviving. I remember when she got malaria and was near death. The Miriam Center was right outside my window at that point and I could hear one of the kids crying. It was Tamara (Gigi’s twin sister). Gigi’s mom was spanking Tamara for making Gigi sick. It took many months for her to understand that twins do not have that kind of control over each other.

Haitians believe that twins have special dangerous powers! One twin can make the other twin sick or cause bad things to happen. You’re never supposed to talk about one child being better than the other one – at anything. She told me I shouldn’t say that Levi is better at counting and Asher is better at colors. Those that believe in the curse will never compare….for fear of causing jealousy and them making bad things happen to their other twin. This is true even if one twin dies. If Baby A dies – and then Baby B gets sick – people believe that Baby A is still causing this to happen even though they passed away!!  They also think that the twins can make their parents sick if they don’t give them what they want or spank them!

When Haitians find out they’re pregnant with twins it’s not the blessing that most would think it is. Many times they will not tell anyone until it’s close to delivery. I asked her what people thought about her twins. She said since they’re special-needs…most think the curse doesn’t apply. Aren’t their rules amazing!

I asked her what she thought the Haitians would think about this pregnancy. She said that many will watch the babies and see if the curse is only for Haitians or if it affects Americans too. Many people think the curse can’t apply if you’re Christian….but some believe it’s true no matter what. So if Levi falls and breaks his leg – some will think Asher is the one who caused that to happen! Sounds like a great movie right? Should be interesting when we return!

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Missing Jose and Gigi….

We dropped Jose and Gigi off in Cincinnati at the hotel so they could fly out first thing that next morning. My sister took the rest of the kids (except the twins) just so it would be easier on me this week with the babies. Seeing Jose push little Gigi in her wheel chair – her little doll in her lap and looking so grown-up….it was very emotional.

Walking back into the quiet house – I was really sad. Mom and I both just cried. I’m used to hearing Gigi holler and laugh while I’m up late with the babies. I’m used to seeing Gigi walk around and close every single door (including cabinet doors)! She hates an open door! I’m used to going into the bathroom and finding Gigi swimming in the tub – no matter what time of day – even if it’s her 12th bath that day.

Seeing Gigi walk up and down the steps carrying her little doll – staring at her hand – listening to her loud belly laughs – bouncing on our bed – I just miss my little girl!!

When Gigi first learned to walk the entire compound broke out in song and claps! They celebrated that huge milestone right along with us. I can’t wait for her Haitian friends to see her. Muleon (who kind of runs the upstairs and does security in the group eating area) has become Gigi’s good friend. They always sit together every morning after breakfast. I know he will be shocked to see how much she’s grown and how much more she can do.

Jose takes such good care of all of us – when he’s gone it feels like there is such a huge hole…..

I know these emotions are all just part of it – closing this very long chapter. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to close this book and put it on a shelf way out of reach!! It’s just that there has been so much drama the last several months…and it’s still a little emotional thinking back through all the scares we had.

I’m counting down the days until I can be home…..

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My Walk With God..

God asked me to take a walk with Him,
Our first in a very long time.
I asked Him if He could wait just a minute,
He frowned and said that was fine.

An hour flew right on by,
I told Him I’d be there when I can.
He looked at me and shook His head,
Then He grabbed me by the hand.

He told me He was patient,
And He would wait for me all day.
But I began to stop and wonder,
Is God waiting on ME okay?

I told Him about how life had been,
All the things I still had to do.
He told me – He knows everything,
Though my talks with Him are few.

He sat quietly and listened,
To all I had to say.
Then He reached His arms out to me,
Said He misses me each day.

So many of His children are
Consumed with the day to day.
We forget that God is waiting for us,
Letting little things get in the way.

He often hurts and bleeds real tears –
Misses us with all His heart.
He’s not asking for the entire day,
Simply to make Him feel apart.

I began to cry as I started my walk,
The walk back to my home.
No matter how busy I think I am,
I must make time for God and I -alone.

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Wrapping Up Our NY Trip…

It’s always bittersweet visiting Jose’s family. Just around the time that the kids are adjusted and starting to really feel comfortable – it’s time for us to go. It’s so hard saying good-bye… especially when we know it will be months before we see them again.

Tomorrow Asher has an appointment with the urologist. I had mentioned during the pregnancy that he had urine in his kidneys which normally goes away on its own once the baby is born. So far it hasn’t. One of his kidneys is enlarged still and the doctors will continue to monitor it and decide if surgery is necessary.

Jose and Gigi are getting ready to head back to Haiti. My sister is going to keep Gabriel and some of the girls since I’ll be pulling the night shift alone. Jose and I have our system down at night. He has one baby and I have the other one. When one of the babies wakes up – he’ll look and say – – “My baby is sleeping – your baby is the one crying!” LOL! Hey – it works for us. We switch up which baby we get every night and it allows us to sleep a little better this way.

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The In-Laws Meet the Babies!

We got clearance from their doctor to make the trip to New York so Jose’s family could meet Levi and Asher. We decided to make it a family trip and so we drove for two very long days!! It was quite the adventure.

Today we took the girls and momma Gigi to see the Statue of Liberty. We were trying to explain to Momma Gigi what that was. We told her it was a large green lady and we could climb on her and see the whole city. Malaya said she didn’t think that was very nice to climb on top of a lady and Mikela wanted to know what she ate to make her green! I think they were a little disappointed when we go there today and realized it was more like a building. I think they thought it was something you’d pay a dollar for at the carnival – SEE THE SPIDER WITH THE HUMAN HEAD – – that sort of thing.

Jose’s sister, Nora, kept the boys including Gabriel overnight last night. I don’t know when I’ve slept so good!! It’s been the first time in months that I really feel rested. Probably a good thing because we have the boys back tonight!

It’s so amazing to see their little personalities. Asher is very low-key. He likes to snuggle in his blanket and outside of crying to eat – he’s a very happy baby. Levi is very fidgety. Even when he’s asleep he moves around a lot. He will cry and cry for you to pick him up. Once his head hits your arm – he’s sound asleep.

We truly feel blessed. God has always protected our family and when you see so many tragedies on the news – – it’s really a miracle if your family is together and healthy. Looking at the back of our van – all the kids sound asleep – thinking about what backgrounds they’ve all come from – surviving tetanus, rubella, severe malnutrition, weeks in the NICU – – -it’s just amazing that here we all are – together – healthy – happy – and one BIG family!!