We Need Your Help For Our Kids’ Education…..

We had no idea how far behind our girls were in school until we enrolled them here in the states this spring. We have learned that sending them to a Haitian school is no where near the same as an American school. After 2 years in the Haitian preschool- they were still behind in the American preschool.

Education is so important. I often feel guilty living here in Haiti. My kids don’t get to experience things like the other kids get to in the states. They don’t get to go to the nice schools with gym, music, and computer classes. They don’t get to play football, cheer, or dance. There aren’t field trips to the post office, planetarium, or zoo. I realize what my kids DO get in Haiti is far better – but I can’t help but wish they could have the best of both worlds.

We have an obligation to offer them the best education that we can – even if it means bringing someone into Haiti to do it. We have found someone – Beth Lockwood – who is wiling to give up a year and go to Haiti to teach the kids. What a huge blessing! She will teach our kids in the mornings and then do women’s ministry and work in LaForge in the afternoons/weekends.  We have been looking since January but didn’t have anything set in stone –  until now.

I am asking you all to commit this to prayer. We will head back to Haiti next month with Beth. She is sending out her support letters but we aren’t sure if she will be able to get the support that she needs. If she is unable to come up with the mission’s required monthly fee – then Jose and I will. Jose and I simply don’t have the funds to really make this commitment but we also know that we can’t sacrifice our kids’ education on the alter of ministry.

If you can help in anyway – donate frequent flyer miles for Beth’s plane ticket, send a one time amount for our kids’ education, commit to a small monthly gift for the next 10 months to help cover Beth’s support or  just simply and very importantly –  pray that it will come in one way or another……that would mean so much to us.

I never realized how much is involved in raising a family in a third-world country…..but I KNOW we are exactly where we are supposed to be. I am leaving this in God’s hands – that He will use His people to help meet the needs of those who serve Him.

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  1. So glad you found someone for the girls. I will really miss having Mikela in class this year though. When you guys are in the states bring her by the school, she can come to class with me and see some of her friends!

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