Month: July 2009

Hurricane Season

As Jose and I prepare to go back to Haiti – we can’t help but think about last year’s hurricane season. So many people lost their crops, livestock, homes, and loved-ones. Many of you helped collect items, raise funds, and some even came to Haiti to serve during […]

Heading To Haiti In Two Weeks…

We are always blessed with people helping us get our paperwork done for our babies. It normally takes 6 weeks to get the birth certificates/social security cards/etc. Jose always talks with the people running those departments and they always take “heart” about our situation. God has always placed […]

Sometimes I Hear Him Late At Night….

Staying up at night has its advantages and disadvantages! Obviously we’d all prefer to sleep through the night but sometimes it’s in the silence of the night that “listening” to God is the easiest for me. Little Levi wants to be held all the time. He acts like […]

The Story of Hosea….

Now I would LOVE to say that what I’m going to write came from my own observations after reading the story of Hosea and Gomer – – but it actually was shared by a girl named Leah at devotions in Haiti back in January. Since I’m up all […]