Jose took the kids to swim with Curtis and Danielle while they were out for a wedding. He was pleasantly surprised when Janeil and Heather brought Grant (who was out for the month)! Jose told me as soon as he put Gabriel’s swim suit on  –BOOM – Gabriel ran and jumped in the deep end of the pool. NO ONE was even in the pool yet!!  Jose had to dive in after him. Time and time again – Gabriel ran and dived in without a care in the world. Jose said as soon as Gabriel started running…Grant would start swimming to the deep end of the pool – anticipating Gabe’s fearless jumps.

There is a diving board at the end of the pool as well. Gabe bounced his way along the board and jumped right in every time. The older kids did NOT want to jump off that board….they might stand on it….but it looked scary diving in! BUT Gabriel – he didn’t care. He is truly afraid of nothing….. Including Jose and I :).

There is something to be said for Gabriel’s outlook on life. How many of us stand on the board and look into the water but never dive in? How many times have you said to yourself – I’m going to go on a mission trip, I’m going to sponsor a child, I’m going to step out and do something even though I don’t have the money, I’m going to volunteer somewhere, or I’m going to make a difference? YET –  when the opportunity arises, when God opens that door, when we are put right on the spot….. we get scared, we run, we give excuses BUT we never dive in.

I have found myself that way several times this year. Wow – when I look back through my blogs – look back through my “negative nancy” attitude  – – Honestly – – I’m ashamed. Yes things were very frightening at times and yes I was hormonal and mentally exhausted (I can come up with all the excuses)….but where was my faith? I aired my negative laundry infront of the world and yet I KNOW the majority of it all stemmed from fear. How could my 2 year-old have such peace diving in and yet I couldn’t get off the board? Not only could I not get off the board but all I ever did was talk about how deep that water was!!

I learn more and more every day. It’s really true. We had a mission board meeting this past week and Janeil talked about the mission living BOLDLY! If I told you all the things my brother dreams of – you wouldn’t know whether to jump up and down in excitement or cover your eyes and hold on! The mission is growing by leaps and bounds and the faith of these directors – God’s mighty men – they amaze me every meeting. They make decisions that affect so many people….yet with God’s direction….they make those decisions – the hard ones. They jump off that board and take that plunge of faith knowing God is their life jacket and will keep them afloat.

The lesson for this week has really hit me hard – – LET GO OF IT! Whatever it is you hold onto – let it go. Jump off the board. Do we not think God will jump in after us if the water gets too deep? Is HE not already swimming towards us – anticipating that jump??

Just as I was encouraged this weekend to live BOLDLY …..I want to encourage you all to live FEARLESSLY!!  JUMP IN.. get wet…or better yet – get SOAKED! That water – – that water we look into that looks so overwhelming….that water feels just fine! If you don’t believe me – just ask Gabriel! :).


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